My Review – Is A Scam? Find Out The Truth Watch The Video

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Are you looking for honest information on My video review is done in 2 parts first off I explain and show you why I think MilfsUnlimited is a scam, then I discuss the best hookups sites that have real women on it.

If you thought you could hook up with milfs on this website you have to watch this video review which explains why there are no real older women AKA cougars AKA milfs on this website.

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  1. Anytime you are told to join click this link and follow them to this other website and then all you have to do it doesn't take a credit card held it won't charge it or anything they promise you but just go to the website and it's for safe dating to make sure that they're safe that's a scam I can tell you right now 110,000% is the scam don't ever fall for it think logically about it for once…. If they're using they're telling you to put your credit card in and your name and email and that's going to verify and let them know they're safe are you fucking kidding me!?…. Also be aware that these websites are all basically hosted in like Cyprus and other countries around there that obviously have no laws no boundaries no ethics no morals and their third party processing people that take our payments and they give you a refund I may not will you ever know if you would if your account has been taken down I would venture to tell you that you've got about a 50/50 shot… The only way you're going to know is if you have somebody else who's on that site that you know look up and see if your page is still there chances are no your account is not closed out they have the rights to your pictures they have their rights to your information when you sign up and if the cancellation rate is my bad is it really is they wouldn't have anybody on their website to make it look legitimate…. So no you guys you can you can call and try and get your account taken down it's not going to be taken down you might get your money back but you're not going to get your account taken down plain and simple it sucks but what can you do. Don't ever pay somebody up front if if you has both are going into this with the same intention of supposedly hanging out or meeting up why do you have to give someone money before you meet them if they want to meet you they would meet you… Also on the topic of scams and just so blatantly obvious and stupid how many of them out there just don't have gas anymore Jesus Christ I don't know it's like half the population just doesn't have gas in their vehicles anymore because that's all I hear about I need gas in order to get to you give me 50 bucks and gas and I'll be right there no don't fall for that stuff either.

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