My Review Shows How The Site Scams People

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There is nothing free on it's just a scam. The sites looks real but it's missing one key thing, real women! Hornyandfree has no women on it. All the female profiles are phony. When I did this review I received over 30 emails from all kinds of ladies but in order for me to message them back I needed to upgrade and buy a membership. That is the center of the con. Fake emails from bogus women to get lonely men to purchase a meaningless subscription to their bogus dating service. It really is just a complete waste of your time and money.

The people behind these type of fake websites have been running dating scams for at least 10 years. They've been able to bilk millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims. And they can continue to do so even with this site The best thing to do is stay away from this scam.

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