⭐️The Best Leolist.com Alternatives – Find out about the best sites to use besides LeoList (review & info)

⭐️⭐️⭐️ my recommended site= http://bit.ly/2JW9WZx

Leolist.com alternatives – find out about the best sites to use besides Leo List (review & info)

Find better places to spend your time then on Leolist . I discuss better options than using LeoList to meet women.

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  1. I think this is hilarious and I actually work in the sex trade industry. I love how you say first that omg they sleep with 1000's and they prob have diseases etc. Then you go on to say that you have nothing against Leo's what I think is you prob couldn't get laid unless you paid were prob getting sick of paying to get your dick sucked how your is site working out for ya ? I taken offence to a lot you said first off we are not all diseased most of us smart ones use protection we are not stupid. Do you know how many guys ask me if they can go bareback uhmmm NO! Most girls I know that work don't do bareback. So we are not all diseased. It also isn't illegal to sell sex anymore people need to get over the stigma I know a lot of smart beautiful girls who have put them selves through school or even betters with thier lives. We make more in one hour then most make sitting at thier boring desk job all day wanting to kill themselves. Some thinks it's a funny to play games with us to and waste our time but hahaha jokes on them really and I'll tell ya another thing half the time I am not even having sex with my clients some are to fucked up just throwing money away so guess what we take it and I don't have any shame in my game some just want companionships so anyways thier is my rant we are not diseased and don't sleep wth hundread of thousands of men. FYI most of you men are cheating on your partners just sayin. 

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