Learn Why TemptingFling.com Is A Total Scam! Watch This VERY SHOCKING Review & Find Out Now! 💋👉

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Learn Why TemptingFling.com Is A Total Scam! Watch This Tempting Fling Review & Find Out Now!

This is a review of TemptingFling.com . Watch the vid to see how this dating service operates, you will be shocked! Get the truth before you get conned and ripped off from this website. This may look legit but it's not at all. It's pretty crazy how much of a fraud this website is.


  1. No doubt related to Tempting Fling is Simple Flirts (simpleflirts.com) – same format, screens, layout and disclosures. NEVER pay here either, you can have fun viewing pictures; "blokes" commentary from "women" tells me its from Europe, wrongly contrasting commentary for an origin city of a respondent & even if profile indicates marital status (women "forget" their status), no city (only a state) disclosure for their bots,  each female profile either says they need sex assistance of some type of it no matter what their age, etc.  Avoid like the plague & save your cash. 

    I try & evaluate before joining, and when you get 40 messages daily, all pictures of females are 8-10 on 10 scale – it tells me it isn't my profile is not on demand, but them trying to get me off their system or pay them money.  Wonderful pictures,  but you cannot prove pictures as real via Tineye or Google search. STAY AWAY.

  2. I signed up to this site and I actually am getting married to the man I met. We did talk for a few months but when we finally decided to meet, it was like we knew each other for years. It was supposed to be just for sex but it ended up being so much more. I love this site. I have no need for it now though. 

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