How To Get Free Coins On & The My Dates App

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This video is going to be talking about how to get free coins on The information about free coins is found in the help and support section of the website. There's an FAQ section that answers this question. #7 of the FAQs section discusses the free coins. It states, "At this time, there is no way to get free coins. The 100 free coins, which we credit to your account as a welcome gift when you sign up, are an exception to this rule."

So, if you're wondering how to get more coins after the 100 coins you actually can't. You cannot get more free coins unless you create another account with a different user name etc.

But according to question #6 of the FAQs they state that you can get "bonus coins". The method to get bonus coins is available if you first purchase a coins package through the website not through the app. They state, "You'll get bonus coins if you purchase your 'coin packages' through the web browser. With every purchase through a web browser, you'll get 10% of your bought 'coin package' for free on top." Then you can get 10% of your bonus coins package for free. That's the only method to get more coins and it only works if you purchase coins through a web browser NOT through the mobile app. Either create a brand new account on My Dates or by coins (through the browser) and then you'll get more free coins aka bonus coins. That's it.

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