Can You Meet Mature Women On This Review Proves It’s A Scam

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If you're looking for older mature women then I would not suggest using  From the investigation that I did and the video review that I recorded I can tell you this website is not legitimate. The website does not have real local mature women on it. It's in fact a scam used to deceive you into pulling out your credit card and paying for useless monthly subscription to MatureDates. You can watch the video and see everything for yourself.

There are so many sites like this and in actuality there's more scams than real dating services. You have to be really careful about where and which sites you try. Luckily for you I've been doing investigations on fraudulent dating sites for over 10 years. I can spot a scam a mile away and is far from being real.

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  1. The internet has changed so much. I can remember hooking up in the 90's and then later when POF first started. It was so much better. An alladin's cave if you like. But now, the internet is so different. Everybody has been herded into social media etc. (which i do not do), and the majority of dating sites are useless. Search results are not as big as you think (Goggle is in fact shrinking or there is a wall in place), and all you mostly get are adverts. The internet is shrinking. Best get back out in the real world be it the pub, shops, park, sea front, or wherever and actually talk to people. My experience is pof is the only real place and thats pretty crap these days.

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