Spam Trying To Trick Me Into Joining is yet another spam site being promoted via Craigslist personal ads. The scam works like this you go on Craigslist personals encounters section and reply to a fake Craigslist personal ad. From there you will start receiving junk email with links trying to direct you to and then to (a fake dating site). You can take a look at the emails I personally received below. Read the spam report here.

Quick Info On The Scammer

1st Email:

From: [email protected],[email protected], [email protected]
To: [email protected]

“Well okay im gonna send you my pictures Im sure we can make a plan and do something if you really want too since I got Thursday off….. oh man its making me laugh that I’m on craigslist giving this a go but to be straight up before I came here I tried POF and other sites but all the guys on there were looking for soulmates it seemed like LOL which is the last thing I am wanting right now. Listen If you wanna make me cum Im all for it… I’m known to return the favor nicely. You dont gotta do anything for me other then make me feel good and keep it all nice and chill if you can do that then lets get on the phone and make a plan now? You are welcome to come here by the way I got my own place its small but cozy…. besides I just got a PS4 and im playing it myself here lol do you play video games? Let me get you my number then you can call me – MY INVITE PAGE ( redirects to

They just check you aren’t an offender or anything like that its something a lot of people use when meeting for the first time…. you can’t blame me I’m a girl and you know the kinda crowd on here. only reason im not on POF is cause all the guys on there are dorks who want me to just hand over my heart to them and let them be my boss…. pfff not into that right now. my last boyfriend couldn’t make me cum either can you believe that ? if you think you can then wanna try this now?”

2nd Email:

From: [email protected],[email protected], [email protected]
To: [email protected]

“okk it would be awesome to do something together I know we’ll have a good time and if you are any better then my ex you’ll be able to actually make me cum and last more then 7 mins in bed like he did LOL look my new potential friend with benefits or whatever you wanna call yourself here l just wanted to make sure you are safe to come over here alone and get my panties off you know how craigslist can be 🙂 i’m only asking this cause we haven’t met yet after this first time we’ll be cool and as long as you actually make me cum id meet you again too first I just need you to go here and you;ll get my number here- MY INVITE PAGE ( redirects to

call meeeee you silly they will give my number as long as you are safe…you are welcome to come over here if you want my place is small but I got a nice bed lol…which I also found on CL haha anyways you gonna be making me cum while we got a chance? I got Thursdays off so now is the time to get er done hahaha”

Owner Of

  • Name: WhoisGuard Protected
  • Phone: +507.8365503
  • Address: P.O. Box 0823-03411, Panama, Panama, 0, PA
  • Email: [email protected] (EMAIL THE SCAMMER DIRECTLY)

Where To File Complaints

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