“Alima Ahmed” Is A Romance Scammer Using Email Address [email protected]

“Alima Ahmed” another romance scammer who contacted me. You can take a look at the email she sent me below as well as a photograph. All photographs have been stolen from online websites and then used to create a fake female persona called “Alima Ahmed”. In the email it looks as if I will receive 10% of 4.3 billion dollars but in the end it’s all a scam. Because they will request money for you for whatever reason they make up and then you will receive the 4.3 billion dollars. This is a ridiculous scam but unfortunately many people fall for these type of financial rip-offs from people located in third world countries such as Nigeria and other African countries. Read the scam report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

1st Scam Email

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Hello My Dear,

Thanks for your email. I’m very happy for your response. Meanwhile, I
want to tell you about myself. I have not been to your country before,
but I’ll be there by the grace of God. I am orphan from Sudan. I lost
all my family members as a result of civil war in my country. Do not
let this worry or discouragement you. I am 26 years old and single and
never married before.

Now about my family, my late father, Engr. Ahmed Hassan was the
Chairman, Gruv-Melton oil and gas, a private oil company in Sudan
Darfur. I was able to escape to West African country called Togo,
where I am now leaving in a Church camp under the United Nations
attached to the Catholic Church in North Oakam, 12 km from the
capital, Lome, Togo.

I am seeking for help from you who fears God and trust that you will
help me and take control of the amount of 4.3 million U.S. dollars my
father deposited in the bank. After the money is transfer to your
account, I will join you in your country to complete my education and
to initiate a new life. While we live to understand our self better
and get
married if possible.

If you think you are very sincere and trusted, please reply to me, so
I can give you more information. Meanwhile, for agreeing to help me I
will give you 10% of $ 4,300,000.00. While you will invest the money
in any good investment in your country, because I know nothing about
business. I wait for you to see if you can handle this situation with
honesty and fidelity.

I would appreciate an urgent response indicating your willingness to
handle this transaction perfectly, please kindly keep it with you
alone until everything is finally agreed.I will be sending my pictures
at the next mail to you. Bye and have a wonderful stay.
Alima Ahmed.





2nd Email

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]


Thank you so much for your urgent reply and i must let you know that i
am so proud to have you in my life .In case you want to call me for
more discussion,please kindly call me through the Reverend father
Milford Williams and his email is ([email protected] )
phone number (+228-930-445-10) ask him of Miss Alima Ahmed, he will
send to call me.

Dearest i fully rest my hope on you, i count on you the person who
will bring me out from this prison called refugee camp where i found
myself as a result of the untimely death of my parents.

I will like you to send to me your full details below so that I will
forward it to the Bank to commence work on the fund transfer.

(1) Your full name…………………………………….
(2) Your country of origin……………………………..
(3) your age …………………
(4) Your home address………………..
(5) Your home and office telephone
(6) scan copy of your id card if any……………………………………..

When I received your detail information I will forward all your
contacts to Bank where the Money is deposited by my late father so
that you will contact them in regards to the possibility of releasing
the money to your bank account in your country.

I will be expecting your urgent and quick reply.



Where To File Complaints

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