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SasVerify.com Is Ready To Scam From You

SasVerify.com is ready to steal your money if you let them. I received 2 emails from “Amber Brink”, with naughty photos of herself. She wants me to sign up on SasVerify.com so she can screen me. It’s all sounds legit, but it isn’t. In actuality the whole thing is trick to get you to go to SasVerify.com, which then redirects you to SafeAndSingle.com. Once on SafeAndSingle.com/amberbrink you are asked to input your personal info as well as credit card details, to verify yourself and prove you are not a sex offender etc. After you input your credit card info you just got scammed! You end up getting billed from 3 porno sites without even realizing it! And… You will never meet Amber in person because she doesn’t exist! Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Amber Brink , Sarah Bennett
  • Email Addresses: amberbrink@txtfly.net , sexysarahb@txtfly.net
  • Scam sites: SasVerify.com redirects to http://safeandsingle.com/amberbrink/ and loads a registration form from http://ads.camcity.com. You get billed from CitySex.com, NaughtyCuteTeens.com and XXXVault.com.

1st Scam Email:

From: amberbrink@txtfly.net
Subject: Re: Re: Nice cold night…Best foe NSA – w4m – 26
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com


finally a response from someone I could actually see meeting…..man I really didn’t think so many scary guys were on craigslist hahah but I got many creepy responses. I really hope your picture is actually YOU and not something you found on google images lol. I just took a pic with my computer hopefully it looks okay. I’ll tell you now my friend was the one who came up with this craigslist idea actually cause she knows how badly I need to meet a man and…..

So tell me this about yourself….whats your favorite position and how many inches is it?



2nd Email:

From: amberbrink@txtfly.net
Subject: Re: Re: Nice cold night…Best foe NSA – w4m – 26
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“omg this will be really fun I’m getting excited about meeting you and getting off email. my friend is laughing at me lol. Grinding into my computer chair over here 😉 Its been way too long since I”ve had an orgasm….not counting touching myself cause that doesn’t count.

If everything goes well once we meet my friend wants to watch if thats okay with you….i don’t know about you but the idea of her being there really turns me on. just sent you another picture of me..

Just to be on the safe side she setup an account for me on safe and single which was recommended on TV as a good way to screen the people you meet with on craigslist. Its for women obviously, we saw it on the news a while ago.

If you’ll do this for my friend she’ll let me meet you, otherwise I’d have to try someone else who can prove they are trustworthy. If you have nothing to hide and you’re safe, then use this page and complete the online verification its really easy and once you’ve done that I’ll get an email from craftsafe giving the green light. Or I”ll get a red warning from them you are in the sex offender database…they check for that. You better come up safe cause I really wanna let you fuck me and maybe even have my friend watch…depends if we want the privacy or not lol. Anyways I hope can be trusted.

This is the page they gave us you need to go here and do this: (http://members.sasverify.com/amberbrink/ redirects to http://safeandsingle.com/amberbrink/)

Please don’t make excuses us women have to play it safe and then me and you can play together. K?

xoxo Amber”


3rd Email:

From: sexysarahb@txtfly.net
Subject: Re: nsa get together
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com


Hey thanks for responding to my ad…I can’t believe how many people are emailing me right now lol.
I like your pic btw…you seem perfect. I am not looking for anything committed or serious just wanna have some fun….hope you’ll write me back sometime
Tty soon


4th Email:

From: sexysarahb@txtfly.net
Subject: Re: nsa get together
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

Hey, I was just taking a quick shower and I heard my phone vibrate, my hair isnt even close to being dry yet but I wanted to quickly check my email to see if it was you writing me back.

I guess since you responded you are not a faker haha, that is a big relief. Not sure if you were wanting to get together tonight, tomorrow ..or maybe wait until the weekend? I am not going to lie though I was really hoping to get some as soon as possible..
All you have do is verify on this website HERE (http://members.sasverify.com/sexysarahb/ redirects to http://safeandsingle.com/sexysarahb/) where I am a member and do a safety verification.
It only costs a dollar and the cool thing is it’s a lifetime membership. My cell number is on there and I have some other photos on there too. Get my cell number and give me a text or call me. Let’s make this happen…I’ve already finished all my xmas shopping so I have lots of free time. call me now!
Sorry if it seems like I’m being a bitch and making you work too hard, but I have to look out for my own safety. There are tons of weirdos out there and I just want to have a good time. Hope you understand cause I really want to meet you..”

Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $29.95 a month to CitySex.com
  2. $39.62 a month to NaughtyCuteTeens.com
  3. $44.71 a month to XXXVault.com

Owner Of SasVerify.com

  • Name: alan jefferson
  • Address: 1849 welmont drive vancouver, British Columbia v3h289 Canada
  • Phone 1-800-333-8282
  • Email: mikeymikeymikey@hotmail.com

Where To File Complaints

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