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Safe-Verifier.net Is A Dating Verification Scam From “Cristina Criado”

Safe-Verifier.net is the new after Xmas scam site that is being emailed to Craigslist users from a fake girl named “Cristina Criado”. Th images I received in the spam emails are also all fake even though there is a hot girl in a Xmas outfit. It’s all a scam to trick you into believing that you will meet “Cristina Criado” after you sign up on the site. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Cristina Criado, jessica Donnely
  • Email Addresses: cristinacriado1475@mail-me.com, jessica_donnely@post.com
  • Scam Site: Adultfun2me.com.  A registration form is loaded from Flvfrnd.com. You get billed from DateMySoleMate.com, LoveAndEmbrace.com and HeartsAndRomance.com.

1st Scam Email

From: cristinacriado1475@mail-me.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hi…It feels good because before x-mas wanna a guy how satisfied me over night, I suppose you aren’t just another keyboard warrior like so many other guys I’ve talked to on craigslist. All of those guys probably live in their parents basement lol.

 So when did you wanna meet up I have no plans we can do this whenever you want even right now cause I’m just watching a little netflix.wanting to do something more exciting.

At first I was feeling a little worried about posting on craigslist because I had a scary experience a year ago meeting someone from personals (I had to call for help he was crazy) so just to be on the safe side I’d like you to do a quick verify on this page: http://safe-verifier.net/profile-cristina-1475/

They protect members and keep out offenders and people with felonies.. just as you’re not in their database you’re getting my number and calling me tonight. Have you seen this before? Its been featured on the news many times that’s where I saw it myself. I just need you to do this for my peace of mind the first time considering the kinds of guys who might be on craigslist..I learned that the hard way and I can’t do that again.

I’m gonna wait for you to call or text me, you’ll have to use the link above to get my phone number, that’s all I need to know you can be trusted. I really hope you aren’t just talk and follow through because I’ve been excited about trying out a friend with benefits. Just keep it real with me and don’t start calling me your girlfriend okay? One thing its my first and last mail if U like just collect my number and call me.

Cristina Criado”




2nd Email

From: jessica_donnely@post.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com


look i dnt want to Waste your time. i am an Escort i do All Stuff like Girl friend and All day night.

My Rate is $60 per hr.

if you need more then 1 hr then we can workout somthing : )

also u dnt have to worry about things i have my Own Car so u just have to do is.

book a date and confirm that your over 18.

here is the link http://safe-verifier.net/jessica-profileerb/

once your confrim there u will get my phone number there so u can call me.”



Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $39.18 a month to LoveAndEmbrace.com.
  2. $37.18 a month to DateMySoleMate.com.
  3. $38.18 a month to HeartsAndRomance.com.

Owner Of Safe-Verifier.net

  • Name: Vindo International Ltd. Laura Yun
  • Address: ID#10760, PO Box 16 Nobby Beach QLD 4218 Australia
  • Phone 248.2482234234
  • Email: contact@privacyprotect.org

Where To File Complaints

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