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Instantprivateconnection.com Scam Site Redirects To Sextfinder.com

Snip.ly is being used as a tool to rip off people. This URL shortening website shorten’s web links. In this particular situation Snip.ly has been used to create a short URL of Instantprivateconnection.com. Instantprivateconnection.com then redirects you over to another site called Sextfinder.com. This is the center of the scam. Read the full spam report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Kathi
  • Email Addresses: kathi@nightparty.club
  • Scam sites: Bit.ly/2vm3YZa redirects to Instantprivateconnection.com, then to Sextfinder.com.

1st Email:

From: kathi@nightparty.club
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey Dear,

My ideal younger tight ass, standing there in the front of the replicate pulling my shirt off over my head. I flip around topless and stroll toward you. you already know you aren’t aloud to touch my naked pale flesh handiest my nylons  : >> http://snip.ly/marg (http://snip.ly/marg redirects to http://instantprivateconnection.com/, and then to http://Sextfinder.com) <<”

Where To File Complaints

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