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Craigs-Secure-Date.com Is A Scam That Rips Off CL Users

Craigs-Secure-Date.com was emailed to me from “Sarah Carey”, which is a fake girl. This scam tries to trick men into “verifying they are not a mass murderer” on Craigs-Secure-Date.com, but it’s all lies. What’s really going on is that they want you to submit your credit card info on their scam site so they can make $34.95 every month off of your ignorance. Don’t get sucked into this crap, it’s all fake. No girl is emailing you and you can not meet up with “Sarah Carey” because she’s not real. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Sarah Carey
  • Email Addresses: sarahsex6969@hotmail.com, sarahsex6769@hotmail.com (Report Spam To HotMail)
  • Scam Site: Craigs-Secure-Date.com. A registration form is loaded from Signup.naughtyandcheating.com. You get billed from NaughtyandCheating.com.

1st Email

From: sarahsex6969@hotmail.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey! ,

Thanks for replying my CL ad. somewhat bored at home. I send one pic for you. If you like send me your real pic. btw where part of town ya at?

Carey69, Pic for Pic?”


2nd Email

From: sarahsex6969@hotmail.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Nice! Same. I am Sarah (sorry this is my real name, for privacy i use different on my add) I’m 24 and I don’t want to give out any of my personal information over email. omg it was horrible =( some people would not stop texting me the creepiest things I wanted to cry! You seem like an alright guy thou =) i wouldn’t normally but I sent you a nudie pic! teehee.

Can we meet tonight or maybe this week? I’m pretty much home whenever, don’t have a job lol. Whats your address?


3rd Email

From: sarahsex6969@hotmail.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“I think that the best way to get together would be to give me a call, But before that i just need you to get on http://craigs-secure-date.com/Carey69/ and verify you are not a mass murderer or any sex offender and above 18. You don’t seem like the type (which is why I’m talking to you), but i had a bad experience once before, so it’s kind of a requirement of mine. And also its to risky if i send my number online so please do it and collect my number and call me now if you free or interested. And it doesn’t cost you anything except a minute or two. When you’re done, just give me a shout and we’ll hookup from there, tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow anytime your comfortable with.

You can see my recent one video on the site. To prove to you that im real, your Full Name is your Mail id is and today is Monday, i hope now you believe that I’m real.

I think you understand a woman needs only sex, i don’t need your money i just want a real stuff.


Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. You get billed $34.95 a month from NaughtyandCheating.com.

Owner Of Craigs-Secure-Date.com

  • Name:
  • Address: PO BOX 639
    Registrant Street: C/O CRAIGS-SECURE-DATE.COM KIRKLAND WA 98083 US
  • Phone 1.4252740657

Where To File Complaints

  • Hosting company: Contact abuse@arvixe.com or call 1-707-304-5520 to report abuse.
  • Domain registrar: Contact abuse@enom.com or call +1.4252982646 to report abuse.

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