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Bit.ly/08Rvy Used To Send Peope To Loveonside.com

Bit.ly/08Rvy is being used as a Spam tool to send me junk email. You can take a look at the email I personally received below. When I clicked on the link in the emails it redirected me to a site called Loveonside.com. I’ve never heard of Loveonside.com but from the looks of it it seems like it’s a new dating site that’s being promoted through spam. The reason you are receiving the spam is you most likely we’re on Craigslist and reply to fake personal ad. When that happened the spammers who created that fake personal ad grabbed your email address and now can send you junk email anytime they want to. You can read the full spam report below

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Irene McDonald
  • Email Addresses: mcdonaldirene594@gmail.com, descreetlover69@yahoo.com
  • Scam sites: Bit.ly/08Rvy redirects to Loveonside.com.

1st Email:

From: mcdonaldirene594@gmail.com, descreetlover69@yahoo.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“6969696969++++++//////*****Free Treasure******//////+++++69696969669
6969696969++++++//////*****Free Treasure******//////+++++69696969669

6969696969++++++//////*****Free Treasure******//////+++++69696969669

🏞You may have trouble of adoring yourself, so you see yourself as unworthy of another person’s treasure. Me can be tat person. Here is me🏕🏕 (http://bit.ly/08Rvy redirects to http://Ontrackly.com/, http://fubarusa.xyz/member/junita_lane_420/, https://www.Iwantu.com/ or https://www.loveonside.com/)

Where To File Complaints

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