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Scammer Sandra Bermudez : AdultsGoneWild.net : bermudezsandrapj@yahoo.com

I went out Saturday evening and I came back to a bunch of new spam from CraigsList. Sandra Bermudez emailed and she wants to hook up and I can get her cell number on a site called AdultsGoneWild.net. It’s funny but I thought that Adults Gone Wild looked familiar so I looked back at some scam sites I exposed last week and bam I saw a few sites that look almost identical. The sites include NaughtyMatches.net, LocalCasuals.net and LocalMatches.net . Those three sites are owned by Dean Lapato. If you do a Google search lots of people don’t like the guy. It seems like Dean is an all around dirt bag, besides spamming CraigsList. He also owns other domains that look the same as AdultsGoneWild, such as FriendsWithBenifits.net and U-HookUp.com.

I’m not 100% certain he’s behind the scam but when I checked who owned NaughtyMatches.net, LocalCasuals.net and LocalMatches.net, it was him.  So you can make your own judgement.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Sandra Bermudez
  • Email Addresses: bermudezsandrapj@yahoo.com (report this email for sending spam to Yahoo.com)
  • Scam Site: AdultsGoneWild.net

Scam Email From Sandra Bermudez

From: bermudezsandrapj@yahoo.com
Subject: you e mailed my craigs list post
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“I am pleased you decided to message my listing I had on CL Thursday. I’d forsure prefer get to know you better. Perhaps we can meet for something to eat, and then simply findout where we go from there. I’m not trying to find a traditional relationship, simply a good time without all of the drama. On http://adultsgonewild.net/member13591289.php I have got my pix and also my cell phone number. Lets talk soon, I’d prefer to get together soon.

Sandra Bermudez’s emails are something you should delete right away. You chances are meeting her are zero since she is just a made up person. 99% of the ads on CraigsList are bullshit . If you want to meet real women, then check out these real dating sites. There is no point wasting time on something you know doesn’t work (CraigsList). Try honest dating sites and you have a much better chance at meeting local girls for fun.

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