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web.Pazyon.com Is Spam That Redirects To SocialSex.com

web.Pazyon.com is another spam web site you should avoid. The emails I received looked as if they were coming from a girl with the handle “SassySara83”. Her emails sound as if we have emailed each other before, but of course we never have. The whole email in fact is 100% complete lies and is sent to 1000s of men across the USA. The sole purpose of these emails is to get you to click on the link (web.Pazyon.com), which redirects you to another site called SocialSex.com. Don’t fall for the scam because there is no “SassySara83″, who wants to meet you on SocialSex.com. If you’re searching for real local girls, then take a peek at these dating sites. Read the full spam report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: SassySara83
  • Email Addresses: Lovely.Sarah@pazyon.com
  • Scam Site: web.Pazyon.com redirects to SocialSex.com.

1st Scam Email

From: Lovely.Sarah@pazyon.com
To: h44a44li6rdt6imvhi@mall.mallowmelt.com

“Hi this is Sara , not sure you remember me. We spoke a while back !! Or maybe I remember wrong.

 Anyway, I wanted to get in touch as I was kinda bored lately. I have been going through my photos and I uploaded a bunch of hot / funny ones.

Social X lets you do all that for free. I couldn’t use regular social sites because they don’t allow nude ! That’s how I lost my FB account, too many kinky photos !!

  This is where all the pics and all my friends come and talk, you have to see it ! (http://web.pazyon.com/SS/ssavepor.php?s=EB8ABgkCAR0QDAQeJgcKG0gLGAhbWUpUVFFPXVFSrg redirects to http://www.socialsex.com/dating/freesexandadultfriends)

  Anyway, come and check me out. I wanna chat all day and night, it’s my favorite thing to do !

 Get your free account now , let’s make friends !

 My profile name is SaraHotie69. And you guessed right, I am 24.

  Confirm my friend request and let’s talk !!



 If you would like to stop receiving notifications from our members,

please follow the do-not-contact link today.

  You can also write to:

 Customer Relations

Unit 108-10109

Pavas, San Jose

Costa Rica”

Owner Of Pazyon.com

  • email: tdwilson2012@yahoo.com
  • Name:  King Plus Solutions Operations Manager
  • Address: 1106 Second Street suite175 encinitas Ca 92024 US
  • Phone: 1-760-456-5826

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