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VerificationGal.com : Another CraigsList Scam That Rips You Off

VerificationGal.com is the basic CraigsList dating verification scam site.  I received a couple of emails from a girl named “Kristina”, who wants to meet up but she “has had bad experiences in the past”, so she wants me to verify myself on VerificationGal.com and then I can call her. The girl in photos that were emailed to me is really hot but she’s not real. Don’t fall for this crap, all it will lead to is your credit card being charged to porn sites. Read the full report.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Kristina
  • Email Addresses: Kristina.lovyou@gmail.com (Report Spam To GMail)
  • Scam sites: VerificationGal.com loads a registration form from http://ads.camcity.com. you get billed from CitySex.com, NaughtyCuteTeens.com and XXXVault.com.

Scam Email:

From: Kristina.lovyou@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Just want good sex NSA – w4m – 24 – (south chicagoland)
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey, I’m kristina
Just check mail & got you. Now am very happy for had a response.
I’m looking for anyone to take the good time with. I’ve attached a picture.
Please look on my picture & tell me if you’re interested, and yea I’m hosting…

Sent from my iPhone”

Email #2:

From: Kristina.lovyou@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Just want good sex NSA – w4m – 24 – (south chicagoland)
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

Hey, I was watching a film and that i heard my phone vibrates,
I wanted to quickly check my email to ascertain if it had been you writing me back.

I suppose, because you responded you aren’t a faker. Not sure if you did want to get together tonight, tomorrow…or maybe hold back until the weekend? I’m not likely to lie though I was really hoping to get some as quickly as possible.

I had bad experiences b4 on cl having a crazy guy and one time some 15 year old tried to struck me up…
I cant risk it, Because of this i contacted a verification company for get together verification.

Do not worry its free, take a look at my profile and call me http://verificationgal.com
Call me as soon as you got my number. Let’s achieve this! i really wish to meet you and spend sometime along with you.

Sent from my iPhone”

Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $29.95 a month to CitySex.com.
  2. $39.62 a month to NaughtyCuteTeens.com.
  3. $44.71 a month to XXXVault.com

Owner Of VerificationGal.com

  • Name: info is hidden
  • Address: Aptds. 0850-00056 Zona 15 Panama Panama 507.65995877
  • Phone 507.65995877
  • Email:  5063614ctifdziu3@t02cduv4f7f99a255f64.privatewhois.net

Where To File Complaints

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