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UnTrue.com Being Spammed By A Site Called help.spinakerflow.com

Did you get spam from help.Spinakerflow.com? I did, when I clicked on the link it redirected me to UnTrue.com. Just to be clear this is all junk email that I never asked to receive. Instead of clicking on the links, the best thing to do is delete the emails and forget about the whole thing. Don’t help out the spammers, because they want you to click on the links so don’t do it! If you’re searching for real local girls, then take a peek at these dating sites. Read the full spam report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: 
  • Email Addresses: hm8gs6vc4ohtu6mrhy@structure.mallowmelt.com
  • Scam Site: help.Spinakerflow.com redirects to UnTrue.com.

1st Scam Email

From: hm8gs6vc4ohtu6mrhy@structure.mallowmelt.com

“Looking for a place to secretly hookup?

 (http://help.spinakerflow.com/q8onbc46ajbs-grbgcpa redirects to http://www.untrue.com/?skin=114)

 DISCREET relationships ONLY.

To unsubscribe, please visit:


or send mail to:

4 Rivers House, Fentiman Walk

Hertfrod, HERTS SG14 1DB UK

To unsubscribe, click here:


Owner Of Spinakerflow.com

  • email: kingplussolutions@aol.com
  • Name:  King Plus Solutions Operations Manager
  • Address: 2250 N Rock Rd Suite 118 #219 Witchita, KS 67226 US
  • Phone: 1-316-854-8694

Where To File Complaints

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