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  • Livechatingmate.com Spam Is Redirecting People To BlackTryst.com July 5, 2014

    Livechatingmate.com is a spam site targeting Craigslist users. The site redirects people over to a dating site called BlackTryst.com. Craigslist users are always the victims of scammers. Don’t get tricked into thinking that the girl in photos below is looking t hook up with you because it’s all a lie! If you want to meet […]

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  • CasualDatingMate.com Is Sending Me IHookup.com Spam June 5, 2014

    CasualDatingMate is sending me spam emails using Bit.ly links to hide their tracks. The trail eventually leads lead to IHookup.com. If you get email from these scumbags do yourself a favor and delete it. Read the full report below. Quick Info On The Scammer Name: Kelly Parker Email Addresses: jeffreymetts229@gmail.com, helenbresnahan@gmail.com, elainemurray26@gmail.com, jonexrubina@gmail.com, 789wqe@gmail.com, kellyparkersex6973@gmail.com, bbettyrsmith@gmail.com, ffrancesajennings@gmail.com, sumyeataraxial@gmail.com, sexyamanda@chaturmate.org, mail@salesmail.tk, angelajessica94@gmail.com, jutymilina@gmail.com,  1dfs0100asd@gmail.com, 02000df@gmail.com, candiscarver@livechatingmate.com, kellilopes@6969.com, petrabrauer@nsalivecam-mate.com, lindhowell@casualfun.com, bettynero@casualfun.com (Report Spam […]

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  • SafeVerifier.info Is A CraigsList Scam From Kelly Parker April 4, 2013

    SafeVerifier.info is the newest scam site from “Kelly parker“, (not the scammer’s real name) a fake girl that has been used to spam 1000s of CraigsList users. If you ever receive emails from “Kelly parker“, then you can rest assured that it’s a scam. Anytime a girl directs you to a web site to verify […]

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  • SecureVerification.us Is CraigsList Spam That Redirects To CitySex.com January 26, 2013

    “Kelly Parker” has been spamming me for many months with a site called CraigSite.info. Now “Kelly” has a new spam site called SecureVerification.us. The photos used are the same as the last scam, and so is the email. The only thing that has changed is that the spammers are using a new site chat.SecureVerification.us redirects people […]

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  • CraigSite.info Another Verification Site Scamming CraigsList Users September 4, 2012

    CraigSite.info is yet another scam site trying to ride the coat tails of CraigsList.com. “Kelly Parker” sent me a few emails tying to entice me into signing up on a free verification site called CraigSite.info, so I could verify I was not dangerous and then I could meet her in person. In reality the site […]

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