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StopzillaPartners.com Trying To Trick People To Download AntiVirus Software

John Lieberma sent me a different type of scam. In this spam email “John Lieberma” has supposedly been scammed by the fake girls on Craigslist“. In his email he goes on to tell me I should “Scan my computer with STOPzilla.” He provides a link to download the software. Guess what folks, this is just ANOTHER scam preying on CraigsList users.Don’t download ANYTHING that you aren’t certain about especially from people you don’t even know. STOPzilla is actually real antivirus software but you don’t need to download it and then pay for it. You can use free antivirus software that work just as good! Also something to note is that STOPzilla.com is NOT responsible for this spam. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: John Lieberma
  • Email Address: mr_jlieberman@hushmailbox.com (Report Spam To Yahoo)
  • Scam Sites: bit.ly/V0nHYs redirects to StopzillaPartners.com/partners/)

1st Scam Email

From: mr_jlieberman@hushmailbox.com
Subject: If you’ve been to any fake verification sites…
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Your personal information could be compromised!

I’m sending this email because I’ve been scammed by the fake girls on Craigslist that claim you need to
“verify” yourself before they will meet up. It is all lies used to get horny guys to give up their cc info.
You would think it’s illegal but these people get away with it.

Anyway if you were smart you probably didn’t put in your CC information like I did. But just by
going to the sites you could be infected with some pretty nasty malware & spyware. I definitely was.

If you didn’t know malware & spyware is used to steal information and harm your computer.
Everything from your CC info to your Paypal account could already be stolen.
Especially if you put your info in on one of those fake sites.

As a person that’s been there before I would highly suggest doing a few things….

1) Change your passwords for everything! You email addresses, your paypal, online banking, etc.

2) Scan your computer with STOPzilla (http://bit.ly/V0nHYs redirects to http://www.StopzillaPartners.com/partners/). You can try using your own antivirus
but I tried mines and STOPzilla was the only one that got rid of all the spyware and malware.
They have a complimentary trial. Which is all you really need. You can decide if you want to keep it or not.

3) If you put your CC info in on any of those sites, or have any spyware on your computer after
a scan with STOPzilla. I would consider getting identity protection.
I’ve personally used TrustedID and they also let you try them out before you pay.
Which works for me because I don’t like spending on anything I don’t know is worth it

I hope this helps you out and saves you the headache I’ve experienced dealing
with these fake girls. If you’re looking to hook up. Stay AWAY from craigslist!

I’ve recently found a site were the girls are real and hooking up is easy. I’m not affiliated with them
so I wont post the link. But if you want to know it just send me an email with “hookup site” in the subject
and I’ll send you the link.

Best Regards,

John Lieberman”

Owner Of StopzillaPartners.com

  • Name: iS3, Inc.
  • Phone: 1-561-807-6059
  • Address: 2200 NW 2nd Ave  Boca Raton, Florida 33431 United States
  • Email: dnsadmin@is3.com

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