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SnipUrl.com Spam Redirecting To Dream-Marriage.com

I have written about SnipUrl.com before and how spammers use the free link shortening service to spam people on CraigsList and now the same spammers are at it again. Now they are spamming Dream-Marriage.com, a Russian match making service service that supposedly hookups Western men with Russian women.  Personally I wouldn’t Dream-Marriage.com because they are many consumer complaints against them. I would delete any emails from SnipUrlcom. that redirect to Dream-Marriage.com, because you are just asking to get scammed. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Natasha Kourlov
  • Email Addresses: NatashaKourlov24@unifiedemail.net
  • Scam sites: SnipUrl.com redirects to Dream-Marriage.com.

Scam Email:

From: NatashaKourlov24@unifiedemail.net
Subject: Re: need a mature man for nsa fun – w4m – 23 – (Atlanta)
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Honey, Im glad you replied to my craigslist post a while ago.. Ive been visualizing about you since then. Do you like Russian girls? I hope so and I hope your still interested in me we can chat live right now and see if sparks fly I want to meet you in person but want to meet up online first. Please take a minute to log into this site Im always on Im on right now it costs nothing and would make me feel a whole lot safer meeting you in person if you like me of course.. Im sure you can respect that. Im just about to to take a hot bubble bath and I will be online afterwards so let’s chat live on this site its all cute Russian girls like me. hehe

You can just call me my cell my numbers on my profile (http://snipurl.com/myprivateprofiles redirects to http://www.dream-marriage.com/members/new/aff27.php?)   id 1187969

you just have to be 25+

Just click this link and login I will be out of the tub in 30 minutes and we can talk live there tonight

I would prefer to tell you more about me on my profile site versus on email. Awww I wish you were right here to wash my back in the tub.. Get in touch with me soon online 🙂

Kisses Natasha xoxoxox”



Where To File Complaints

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