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SmileNow.be Is Another CraigsLit Scam To Watch For

I exposed PinkWho.be, and SunnyNsa.be for sending me spam through CraigsList ads and I am gettign spam from another site owned by the same scammer called SmileNow.be. All the links in the emails lead to iHookUp.com, just as with the other sites I reported on. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name:
  • Email Addresses: tanabedm528@hotmail.com , knoblochkz7@hotmail.com (Report Spam To HotMail)
  • Scam sites: www.SmileNow.be redirects to iHookUp.com

1st Scam Email:

From: tanabedm528@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:Re: I want to kiss kitty
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Im honestly a lonesome young wife hunting for enjoyment in all the wrong areas. My husband is frequently absent for meetings causing me all alone in this big house, i dunno if hes cheating on me. He doesnt even called to check up on me in days so opted i would take care of my needs on my own. How about you, whatcha wanting? How can i know youre real? Can you validate youre a real man and not some bot by meeting me on my private profile? No cost at all so no worries. I want to give you my phone # over there to be safe. Plus youll see much more pics of me being naughty! Find me on there, ok? I can host so no problems. xoxo

www.blt ly/kjiu (http://smilenow.be/ redirects to http://smilenow.be/index.php?aff_c?offer_id=4424&aff_id=64811&aff_sub=784454)

-Sent via my iPad “

2nd Email:

From: knoblochkz7@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:Re: I want to kiss kitty
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

Heya sweetheart, I am thinking about your email all day and can’t stop myself. What are you on the lookout for in a gal? Do you want me? As for my cell # and mischievous pix – I had to submit them on my profile to clear away bots. I have to keep this brief because I am about to take a shower but I will be online next so let’s chat on there. Or you can just call me because I want to meet this week. I prefer to tell you more about me on my profile site versus on email. I wish you were next to me to get wet with me! Speak toyou soon? 🙂

http://bit ly/i (http://smilenow.be/ redirects to http://smilenow.be/index.php?aff_c?offer_id=4424&aff_id=64811&aff_sub=784454)

-Sent via my iPhone”

Owner Of www.SmileNow.be

  • Name: Info not available
  • Address: Info not available
  • Phone: Info not available
  • Email: Info not available

Where To File Complaints

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