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SecureDatings.com, More Scams From CraigsList.com

“Christy” just sent me an email to go to SecureDatings.com to grab her contact information (cell phone number and email adress). Anytime you receive emails directing you to a site from an unknown female it is usually a scam. Scammers thrive when you aren’t paying attention. Being smart online especially with sites like Craigslist.com is important. And when online scammers want you to “verify yourself” it’s all a trap to trick you into entering your personal credit card info online and then they charge your credit card with porn memberships. Never enter your credit card info on a site that you know nothing about. These scammers earn $1000s, don’t be one of their victims. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Christy M.
  • Email Addresses: hotchristybaby@hotmail.com , hottichristybabe@gmail.com , http://www.securedatings.com/christym
  • Scam sites: SecureDatings.com

1st Scam Email:

From: hotchristybaby@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Cute & Sexy seeks Assistance tonight!  – w4m (fort worth)
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey, are you still interested meeting me?

I am currently home alone and so bored. I dont have any plans this weekend yet,
but really looking forward to some exciting things to do.

Forget about emailing back and forth, call or MSN me directly from now on.
Grab my contact info here; www.securedatings.com/christym

Not sure if you have an account yet, but if you dont, it may ask you to
verify yourself. Its free, I just did it the other day, took me less than a min.

This site keeps me safe. I think I already told you last time about
me meeting a 16 years old trying to sleep with me. I really cant risk any of that.

Btw, once you got my number, can you please text me first? I dont check email
that often anymore and I really want to get some plans going this weekend.

I have attached another pic btw, hope you like it.
– Christy

Sent from my iPad”

Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $54.97 a month to HardCoreScrewingPorn.com
  2. $39.62 a month to IFuckedThatchick.com
  3. $39.94 a month to SexWetNWild.com

Owner Of SecureDatings.com

  • Name: All info is hidden
  • Address: All info is hidden
  • Phone All info is hidden
  • Email: All info is hidden

Where To File Complaints

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