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Scammer Vinni G : Vinni999@fmfastmail.com : W4MSafe.org

Vinni G (a girl) is doing the classic CraigsList dating scam, the fake dating verification scam. She sent me an email to got a fake dating verification site called W4MSafe.org to prove I was over 18 years old and not a registered sex offender. If you actually fill out the form and enter your credit card information your credit card will be charged $129.93. Do not enter your credit card information on W4MSafe.org.

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Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Vinni G
  • Email Addresses: Vinni999@fmfastmail.com
  • WebSites: W4MSafe.org loads a registration form from Safe-Match.net and bills you for the following sites: PussySearches.com, BreastsXXX.com and YourExForSex.com

1st Scam Email

From:  Vinni999@fmfastmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: ENJOY!! WITH ME!!……………………………. – w4m – 27
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey, > > I’m Vinni and I’ve attached two pics of myself. I’m an independent > healthy woman and most of my time goes on working in a bar as a > waitress. I broke up with my boyfriend three weeks ago and as every > human being I also have certain needs but I don’t want another > relationship. Right now I’m looking for a self-confident guy (no > diseases) to have some “no strings attached” fun with asap. However I > also need to make sure that you’re a normal safe guy and hopefully > have some experiences. I can get pretty wild sometimes. Let me know if > you can match that and tell me what times would usually be suitable > for you, I have a very small apartment but it’s all mine or we can > meet in a hotel. Also please tell me more about yourself. > > Vinni 🙂 XOXO “


2nd Scam Email

From:  Vinni999@fmfastmail.com
Subject: Re: ENJOY!! WITH ME!!……………………………. – w4m – 27
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

Sounds good dean, I’d like to chat with you more and here are another two pics. You can access my phone number and msn on this site: http://w4msafe.org/profiles/vinnigraham/
On the CL forums it was suggested to use that screening site to avoid criminals and under age boys so I can only give my contact to those who unlock it there. I’m sorry for this but safety comes first for me. Hope this is cool with you and we can talk soon :)”

The Scam Site

(this is the scam site: W4MSafe.org

Here Are The Credit Card Charges You Will Receive:

Hopefully you didn’t register on W4MSafe.org, if you did you can see a list of charges that will appear on your credit card because of the scam.

  1. $38.68 a month to YourExForSex.com
  2. $54.97 a month to BreastsXXX.com
  3.  $36.28 a month PussySearches.com

The total for this scam is $129.93 per month, UNTIL you cancel.

** You need to cancel these charges because they will continue to bill you forever, until you cancel!!

Owner Of W4MSafe.org

Name: not given
Phone: +507.65995877
Address: Panama
Email: a430domains@gmail.com

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