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Scammer Victoria Hanson : FindANympho.com : HansonVictoriavv@yahoo.com

Got an email when I responded to Victoria Hanson’s CL ad. She is trying to get me to signup to FindANympho.com. I have all her (his) scamming detailsbelow.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Victoria Hanson
  • Email Addresses: hansonvictoriavv@yahoo.com
  • Scam sites: http://bmxjmkqs.tumblr.com/ redirects you to FindANympho.com.
  • IP address: smtp103.biz.mail.ne1.Yahoo.com

CraigsList Scam Email #1

From: HansonVictoriavv@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: looking to have some naughty times – w4m – 21
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

This Is The Email From Victoria Hanson:

I’m glad you were interested in my posting at CL. As I was saying in my post I am not trying to find a serious boyfriend, but having said that a woman has her needs. I did not put a picture in my posting, did not want anyone to recognize me from work, therefor I’ve a photo on http://bmxjmkqs.tumblr.com In addition I got my cellphone number on there if you want to send me a text. I guess if you are interested I will be hearing from you.

FindANypho.com is just a scam, to get you to visit their site. Be very careful of anything you receive from CraigsList emails.

Where To Find Real Girls

Don’t fall for FindANypho.com, there is no real girl emailing you to look at her pictures on there. The only person sending emails to you is some 20 year old guy, trying to make a living off of scam and lies. Stick with honest dating sites that are legitimate. You can meet local females at these real hook up places. Hookup with real girls here.

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