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Scammer Stacey Card : Findafbuddy.com : staceycardqz@yahoo.com

Stacey Card needs me to sign up on FindaFBuddy.com so I can see her photos and get her cell phone number to call her. Wouldn’t it be easier if she just put it in the email? But then she cant scam me. It’s the same scam over and over but different sites are used, different emails are created and the names are changed but the story is basically the same.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Stacey Card
  • Email Addresses: staceycardqz@yahoo.com
  • Scam site: http://ocsricmh.tumblr.com/ then redirects to http://findafbuddy.com/profile7912907.php

Scam Email From Stacey Card

From: staceycardqz@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: i am gonna search you using my mouth – w4m – 21
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“I wasnt sure if any one would respond to my posting, happy ya enjoyed it. Like I was saying in my post I’m certainly not trying to get into something with commitments, still there are some desires only a guy can satisfy. I did not any one who knows me to see me so I did not put a picture in my posting, however I do have a photo at http://ocsricmh.tumblr.com text me if you want to, my number is on there to. Well I suppose I’ll hear from you if you are interested. Stacey”

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