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Scammer Lauren Esquivel : LocalCasuals.net : esquivellilauren@yahoo.com

Another email trying to get me to sign up to LocalCasuals.net, this time it’s from a girl called Lauren Esquivel. I alredy received a few emails from scammers regarding LocalCasuals.net. In any case just delete your inbox, nothing about these emails are real.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Lauren Esquivel
  • Email Addresses: esquivellilauren@yahoo.com
  • Scam sites: www.t.co/9d9IRWkR which redirects to LocalCasuals.net

Scam Email From Lauren Esquivel:

From: esquivellilauren@yahoo.com
Subject: I am messaging you back CL
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“What’s up, yes I’m still trying to find a guy to have a good time with. I am without a doubt up for discovering if there is some chemistry. Might you like to have a bite to eat someday soon? My clist posting didnt include a pic, so heres one, www.t.co/9d9IRWkR On there with my pic is also phone number, so if your up for taking this further drop me a line.


Don’t bother with emails from Lauren, they are all bogus. You will never meet Lauren Esquivel, because she doesn’t exist.  Her name may be real, but these scammers use actual peoples real names to make the scams sounds that much more enticing, but they are all fake.

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