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Scammer Laura Bennet : CraigsSecuredDating.com : laura4fun@CraigsSecuredDating.com

Scammer Laura Bennet wants me to verify who I am on CraigsSecuredDating.com. It’s just another fake verification scam. Read the full scam report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Laura Bennet
  • Email Addresses: laura4fuun@gmail.com, laura4fun@craigssecureddating.com
  • Scam sites: CraigsSecuredDating.com and also loads a registration form from http://SexxyMatch.com)

Scam Email #1

From: laura4fuun@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Will You Be The One? – w4m
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

This Is The 1st Email From Laura Bennet:

thank you for emailing me.I was busy with some stuff but i am free today & lonely. I am allways up for fun and trying new things. I am not a slut and I rarely go on craigslist, I’m only looking for short term dirty fun. I wanna hear more about you. let me know when you would like to meet up & help me to spend some great time together.

btw what you are doing tonight or tomorrow ? …”


(fake photo of “Laura Bennet”)

 Scam Email #2

From: laura4fuun@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Will You Be The One? – w4m
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

This Is The 2nd Email From Laura Bennet:

hey again,
you sound pretty cool and i’m definitely interested in meeting up with you.. I am alone and would like to meet up.we can grab a drink and see how we connect. to get my number just go to http://craigssecureddating.com/members/laura4fun/ and look up “laura4fun” . you can send me a message also my number will be right on the first page.its free to verify.they just verify to make sure you don’t have a criminal history like you are not rapist….you know a girl can never be too careful.if you are really serious to meet me right now you can call me up.I will wait for your call.”

Where To Meet Legitimate Girls?

This whole verification thing is insane. It’s hard to believe how many different scam websites that I have found that verify who you and the person you are meeting are. It sounds very legitimate but it’s all bullshit! If you actually enter your credit card information into the form you are automatically billed by a porn site!!

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