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Scammer Heidi Flowers : FBuddyHunter.com : heidibrflowers@yahoo.com

Heidi Flowers sent me an email to view her photos and get her cell phone number at a scam site called FBuddyHunter.com. Too bad it’s all a scam to get me to sign up to their site. Another scammer exposed!

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Heidi Flowers
  • Email Addresses: heidibrflowers@yahoo.com
  • Scam site: http://vbpzpbkqkif.tumblr.com which redirects to http://users.FBuddyHunter.com/profile79175844.php

Scam Email From Heidi Flowers

From: heidibrflowers@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: seeking to try something new – w4m – 21
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

I am glad you were interested in my listing at craigslist. I’m forsure not trying to get hitched, but having said that a woman has her needs.

I didn’t include a pic on my listing, didn’t want anyone to see me, therefor I’ve a picture on http://vbpzpbkqkif.tumblr.com I also got my cellphone number there if you wanna send me a text. I guess if you’re attracted to me I will be talking to you soon. Heidi”

Where To Find Real Girls

Finding real women on CraigsList is like finding a needle in a hay stack. If you want to find real local ladies, try these real adult dating sites. Searching on CraigsList for women to meet really is a waste of your time. All you will do is get frustrated like I did, it’s your choice though.

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