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Scammer Ashly D : MyIndividualProfile.com : DawnLuna25@hotmail.com

MyIndividualProfile.com is the site behind this “check my pics on this site” scam. There are no real women, just guys sending spam emails through CraigsList.com to you so they can make money off of your desire to meet women online.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Ashly D
  • Email Addresses: DawnLuna25@hotmail.com, admin@motorcare.org
  • Scam sites: MyIndividualProfile.com/photos/profile.php gets redirected through a site called http://maxwell14.com/url/rotator/admin_dating, then ClickzTrax.com, then TrackBackSecure.com and finally to RudeFinder.com!

Scam Email #1

From: DawnLuna25@hotmail.com, admin@drsoulmate.com
Subject: Re: Iam unhappy in my current relationship – w4m – 28
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

This Is The 1st Email From Ashly D:

Sorry I was busy and did not get back to u.. Just wanted to say hi & see if you are in terested in me.
Here is how i look. 🙂 Hope u enjoy


(fake photo of “Ashly”)

(fake photo of “Ashly”)

 Scam Email #2

From: DawnLuna25@hotmail.com, admin@motorcare.org
Subject: Re: Re: Iam unhappy in my current relationship – w4m – 28
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

This Is The Email From Ashly D:

“Glad ur here 🙂 . Anyways you want to just skip all the back and forth and talk now? Im ready right now if you are.

I have a proffile that I had setup to be careful for this type of thing and placed many duurty picturies on there . Once set up you can msg me drectly through there. I have the ph app so ill respond quikly, msg me back and give me your username.



Where To Meet Legitimate Girls?

Luckily there are real women looking to hookup online, just not on Craigs List. All the personal ads on CraigsList.com are posted by guys trying to scam us. Where are the real at? Well, If you want to find real local girls then chdeck ou these legitimate adult dating sites.

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