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Scammer Ashleyg84@SafeSending.com Using TheSecureSurfing.com To Scam Guys

TheSecureSurfing.com is scamming guys from CraigsList. How they do it, is like this. You see an ad on CraigsList personals and respond to it.  You start getting emails back like the ones below, and then you get excited thinking you will be getting laid soon. But, the girl in this case (Ashley) doesn’t feel secure meeting you until you verify who you are. She sends you to a site (TheSecureSurfing.com) to verify who you are and to make sure you’re not a serial killer and also not a minor. The whole thing is a HUGE scam! Read the detailed story below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Names: Ashley G, Ashley Garcia
  • Email Addresses: ashleyg84@safesending.com, ashleygg84@safesending.com
  • WebSites: TheSecureSurfing.com/ashley.html that also loads a form from https://join.websecuritylink.com. DiscreetHoneys.com, OneNightDateLink.com, SafeSending.com

1st Scam Email

From: ashleyg84@safesending.com
Subject: Re: ^^Looking for a man^^ – w4m – 24
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“hey, I m ashley.. just got your reply, geez i got a lot of replies from that lol.
i think it’s hard for guys to believe that some girls just wanna get laid.
I  m  still  looking  for  someone  to spend some good time with. I’ve
atached pics.. Have a look on my pics&  lemme know if your interested,
  and yea I m hosting..”

 2nd Email

From: ashleyg84@safesending.com
Subject: Re: ^^Looking for a man^^ – w4m – 24
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

    oh I forgot to attach pics.. attached now. have a look. Btw where are you located exactly?
(pics attached)”

3rd Email

From: ashleyg84@safesending.com
Subject: Re: ^^Looking for a man^^ – w4m – 24
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

k  cool..
i   think  that  the  best  way  to get together would be to give me a call, But before that
i  just need you to get on ( thesecuresurfing.com/ashley.html ) and  verify  you are not a mass murderer or any sex offender and above 18.
you  don’t seem like the type (which is why I’m talking to you), but i had a bad experience once before, so it’s kind of a requirement of mine.
And  it  doesnt  cost  you anything except a minute or two.. when your done,  just  give  me  a shout and we’ll hookup from there, tonight or
tomorrow anytime your comfortable with.
I hope we’ll have great time.”

4th Email

From: ashleygg84@safesending.com
Subject: Re: I want to feel the warmness of your cock – w4m – 23
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

Hey..  Just to let you know, I got a great
place to verify  each  others without  any cost. I mean it
doesn’t  even need cc. I’ve just made a profile there.. It seems to be
secure.. Wait lemme just give you link..
( thesecuresurfing.com/ashleygarcia.html )
just  hit  me  up  after  making  a  profile…  we can chat there for
sometime n can hook up from there…
bye, cya later.”

This particular dating verification scam takes stealing money from horny men to another new level (or low).

Here Are The Credit Card Charges You Will Receive:

If you actually signed up to TheSecureSurfing.com, you better read all the charges that will be getting taken off of your credit card, then call your credit card company right away.

  1. $38.09 a month to DiscreetHoneys.com
  2. $38.72 a month to OneNightDateLink.com
  3.  $39.62 a month IntensePornography.com

** You need to cancel these charges because they will continue to bill you forever, until you cancel!!

The total per month is $116.43 until you cancel.

That makes me sick and it’s unreal these lowlife scumbags can do this to people. The company behind these scams are Alreston Investments, visit that link to cancel your scam membership to the sites I mentioned above.

Contact Info For Alreston Investments

email: legal@alreston.com

10 Kolokotroni Street
Flat 101
Phone: +1.8452803408

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