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Scammer Alexis Paulsen Tricking Guys Through WildLocalDates.com

WildLocalDates.com pulls one of the classic CraigsList personals scams. You respond to an ad on the w4m section of CraigsList, then you get a reply from a fake girl saying that you she wants to meet you and her photos and her cell phone number are on WildLocalDates. The whole email is just spam trying to get you to register on the site.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Alexis Paulsen
  • Email Address:¬†paulsenalexisnz@yahoo.com (report the email to Yahoo.com for sending spam)
  • WebSite: WildLocalDates.com

Scam Email

From: paulsenalexisnz@yahoo.com
Subject: a couple days ago you emailed me at CL
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“I am pleased you decided to mail my post I placed on craig list Thursday. I’d forsure like to talk to you more.

Perhaps we can meet up for something to eat, and just find out what happens from there. I’m really not searching for a traditional relationship, simply a good time without all of the drama. On http://profiles.wildlocaldates.com/user72057692.php I’ve got my pix and also my cell phone number. Lets talk soon, I’d like to to meet up soon.


Owner of WildLocalDates.com

  • Name: all hidden info
  • Address: all hidden info
  • Phone all hidden info
  • Email: all hidden info

The owner information for WildLocalDates.com was hidden (like many scam sites), but you can still contact their hosting company (1and1.com) and have their site taken down from spamming which is not allowed.  E-mail abuse@1and1.com. to report the site.

I just did a scam report on NaughtyLocalMatches.com, and both sites (Wild Local Dates & Naughty Local Matches) look the exact same and are hosted on 1and1.com, so I’m pretty sure they are owned by the same person.

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