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SafeMatchDate.com Is Not Safe At All, It’s A Scam

SafeMatchDate.com, another completely deceptive name for what this website really does.  It should be called ScamMeAndBillMeForPornoSites.com. SafeMatchDate.com is a complete fraud, it is not designed to screen people that you meet online. The site has been created to rip you off and bill your credit card with online porn sites, such as HardCoreScrewingPorn.com, AllXXXClub.com and IFuckedThatChick.com. “Christy M”wants to meet me in person but she wants to make sure I’m safe so she wants to verify myself on SafeMatchDate.com, it’s all lies. “Christy M” is a fictional woman created by online scammers to deceive you, don’t fall for it. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Christy M
  • Email Addresses: princesschristym@gmail.com
  • WebSites: SafeMatchDate.com.

1st Scam Email

From: princesschristym@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Genuine, low key fun – w4m
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey just got your message back about my ad, i got a whole lot of emails from that lol…
I have bad experience with fake emails, so my first question is, are you real?

Can I see a picture of you? Tell me more about yourself. What plans you have for tonight?

I have attached mine. Hope you like it.

Oh and can you send your photo as an attachment, my email won’t show images which are copy and pasted…..thx

– Christy

Sent from my iPad”

2nd Email

From: princesschristym@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Genuine, low key fun – w4m
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“To be honest with you Im feeling both excited and a bit worried at
the same time….I’ve had a bad experience meeting someone online
about a year ago…met the wrong guy basically.

I’m willing to give this a shot with you…I’m in the mood for a sexy time
just have to use my brain this time. Know what I mean?

Lets find something to do! I really hope to get things going. I guess the
best way to make plans is to give me a call sometime today so we can at
least hear each other voices on the phone.

You can find my cell on SafeMatchDate.com/christym, so get hold of if
you are serious in meeting me.

I signed up and became verified last week, it was quick and easy.
Its totally free (otherwise I wouldnt have sign up myself) and I think that
it is the best way to ensure that both of us are adults. I am not interested
meeting kids.

I know you’ve already talked about yourself a little bit, but i cant trust all
of it because thats what happened last time when I met this 15 years old online.

I totally freaked out. I hope you arent him. There are just too many things
happening online these day so I just need to be very careful while looking for
fun as well. I hope you understand.

I took more pics for you… I hope you like them. Please dont show it to
anyone, keep it to yourself

Text or call me after. I hope to see you soon.

– Christy

Sent from my iPad”

Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $54.97 a month to HardCoreScrewingPorn.com.
  2. $39.92 a month to AllXXXClub.com.
  3. $342.81 a month to IFuckedThatChick.com.

Owner Of SafeMatchDate.com

Name: Info is hidden
Phone: 507.65995877
Address: Zona 15 Panama
Email: Info is hidden

Where To File Complaints

Where Can You Meet Real Ladies?

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  1. tim July 19, 2012 1:15 am Reply

    What to do if u fell for it? How to stop payments

    • admin July 19, 2012 1:43 pm Reply

      Call your credit card company and tell them what happened.

  2. JD August 4, 2012 6:40 am Reply

    Woa I’m glad I avoided that haha, I knew it was too good to be true, glad I looked this up real quick. I’d be embarrassed to call the credit card company and explain.

  3. Mark August 7, 2012 5:51 pm Reply

    Fake ass shit. What a fool I feel like for believing it was real, at least I read the terms and conditions then looked up the site and her email address, before foolishly giving up CC info. You can’t trust anyone on CL!

  4. That DUDE August 9, 2012 5:29 am Reply

    to maek sure you are NOT dealing with fakes. ALWAYS request a picture of the persons face WITH there hand in the picture and a name YOU pick or even a NUMBER you pick on there hand. YOU CANT FAKE THAT. If they decline.. Move on they are FAKE

  5. Tony August 14, 2012 12:14 pm Reply

    now i didnt get to this site soon enough so i went and put my card number. now when it went to finalize it said sorry! payment not accepted. does that mean im safe? p.s. i feel like a fuckin tard for this. -_-

    • admin August 14, 2012 2:27 pm Reply

      double check your credit card statement to see if it did go through , but probably not.

  6. Jay August 16, 2012 1:40 am Reply

    Wow, knew something didn’t seem right…glad i googled and saw this! Thanks buddy!

  7. justme August 21, 2012 4:23 pm Reply

    Is it possible for these women to get your husbands name &put on a piece of paper with her breast out ? I don’t think so ,


    • admin August 21, 2012 4:34 pm Reply

      Well there is a free web site that actually puts whatever you want on a piece of paper. This is the site Boobsigns.com. The scammers usually put your email address and sometimes the name in the email on a piece of paper via BoobSigns.com, to make it look like they are real girls sending emails. In fact they are just using that site to trick people into thinking they actual wrote your name on a piece of paper.

  8. justme August 23, 2012 10:10 am Reply

    Well it so hard for me to believe. I mean it’s a women with a small yellow paper with a kiss on the paper, with my husbands name,… I’m not to happy .


  9. admin August 23, 2012 3:51 pm Reply

    Well , the site (BoobSigns.com) does it by computer it’s not like the girl actually wrote on the piece of paper herself. It’s a scam. I understand

  10. anon August 29, 2012 4:12 pm Reply

    Here’s some ways to easily tell:
    1) The images are of different aspect ratios and resolutions, in simpler terms, notice how much skinnier the first photo (the rectangle, not the girl) is than the second one. They were not taken by the same camera.
    2) If samematchdate was a legitimate product, you’d have heard about it already
    3) This is the easiest way to tell if somethings a scam, drag and drop the image into Google images, if someone did a Google search for a girl’s photo, you’ll see that same photo as the first result. I did and her name is Jaime Laylock, and she’s a bit of an internet celebrity.
    4) A girl that pretty can get laid in 2 minutes at a bar, so she wouldn’t be on craigslist. Notice craigslist usually has lots of BBW.

    • Jethro Clampett November 29, 2012 7:43 pm Reply

      Drag and drop on google?? couldn’t get it to work– but thats cool as hell. BTW- you can crop a photo into any aspect ratio you want in photoshop or a dozen other programs, so although your point is a good one for internet detectives to compare pics- its not technically right. I always see ads posted by one girl and her pics have some other girls name on them– duh.

  11. Justin October 4, 2012 7:20 am Reply

    I just found another. Email is as fallows, screwmebaby69@college-email.com.

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