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Safe-Searches.com Isn’t Safe, It’s A CraigsList Dating Scam

“Nikki Reese” send a hot email wanting me to hook up but I need to message her through a new scam site called Safe-Searches.com. The whole thing is BS, “Nikki” is not real at all. In fact she is a made person created by online scammers into making you believe that she is real. The images used in her emails are stolen from online porn sites and her email address and all the wording in the emails are just lies. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Nikki Reese
  • Email Addresses: nikki@gomaxestate.com
  • Scam sites: Safe-Searches.com a registration form from http://ads.camcity.com. You get billed from BasicHardCore.com, WhoresWorld.com and SlamminSex.com.

Scam Email:

From: nikki@gomaxestate.com
Subject: Re: Re: .with ur dick……..NSA:) – w4m.
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“mmm.. well im def interested in maybe meeing up..

just took this pic 4 u ; )

I need to wait for my roomate to get home before i can make neplans for tonight.. i have a 3 year old and she’s my baby sitter lol
if you do end up coming over tho.. please do not tell her i met you on cl im sure we can come up with something better.. ; )
Anyways i dont use fb my work is really anal about employee pages so i try to not even deal with it..
im going to log into my safesearches profile and you can send me a mesg there my profile is
alright talk 2 you soon hun


Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $49.81 a month to BasicHardCore.com
  2. $39.94 a month to WhoresWorld.com
  3. $38.94 a month to SlamminSex.com

Owner Of Safe-Searches.com

  • Name: All info is hidden
  • Address: All info is hidden
  • Phone All info is hidden
  • Email: All info is hidden

Where To File Complaints

  • Hosting company: Send spam complaints to Yahoo or call¬†1-408-349-3300.
  • Domain registrar: Contact MelbourneIT.com

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