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RudeFinderVerify.com Is Spam

“Christy” (not her real name) is emailing men who respond to her fake CraigsList ads. “Christy” is not a girl at all but probably a guy looking to trick guys with emails like the one shown below. The spammer wants you to register on RudeFinder.com, where they make a commission for every new member who registers on the site. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Names: Christy M.
  • Email Addresses:¬†HottiChristy@gmail.com,¬† hottichristym@gmail.com, info@admin.jobzeeker.com (Report Spam To GMail)
  • Scam sites: RudeFinderVerify.com

Scam Email #1:

From: hottichristym@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Young Mistresss – w4m.
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey just got your message back about my ad, i got a whole lot of emails from that lol…
I have bad experience with fake emails, so my first question is, are you real?

Can I see a picture of you? Tell me more about yourself. What plans you have for tonight?

I have attached mine. Hope you like it.

Oh and can you send your photo as an attachment, my email won’t show images which are copy and pasted…..thx

– Christy

Sent from my iPad”

Email #2:

From: hottichristym@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Young Mistresss – w4m.
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey.. well, I am very sorry but I prefer not to connect with anyone who isnt verified.
The verification is just for my safety and yours and proves to you I am real since many think otherwisee

As I said, I had bad experiences b4 on cl with a crazy guy and one time some 15 year old tried to hit me up….
i am just so sorry, I really cant risk it and its free, dont be such a cheapskate. Dont make this hard,
its suppose to be fun and easy. We should be meeting up by now already if you are verified.

I already took the first step and joined myself, do you wanna meet or not?

– Christy

Sent from my iPad”

Email #3:

From: HottiChristy@gmail.com
Subject: Re: %% sex fun if awake%% – w4m ( phx north )
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Omg. I cant believe you are making this so hard.

Well, after emailing back and forth, I think i can trust you and im really
putting our safety on the line for you in order to get things going between us.

You can grab my contact info thru my profile; RudeFinder.com/members/ChristyLuv (http://www.rudefinderverify.com/)
If you arent a member on that site yet, you just have to register, its DOES NOT need your credit
card and other crap. So there is no reason why you will have anymore excuses…

Just add me as a friend and you can see my MSN and number there. Text me first just so I know
who you are.

If you arent even willing to do that, then I really have nothing to say. I really think you have
something to hide or simply not interested about this NSA at all.

I am heading out shortly, give me a call ASAP and lets set this thing up!

I look forward seeing you soon.”

Owner Of RudeFinderVerify.com

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Where To File Complaints

  1. Domain Registrar: Contact NetFirms.com, 866-317-7148.
  2. Hosting company: Contact SoftLayer.com or call them at 214-442-0605.

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