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ProtectedUs.com Is Another Scam From Amy Franklin

ProtectedUs.com is the latest scam from “Amy Franklin“. Her previous scam site was Safe-Nsa.com. The photos I received in this particular scam have been used for a few months now on a variety of scam sites. If you receive emails from “Amy Franklin” then delete them and don’t respond to them it’s all one big scam to charge your credit card to porn sites such as CitySex.com Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Amy Franklin
  • Email Addresses: luciosamy23@verified-emails.com
  • Scam sites: ProtectedUs.com redirects to Lets-get-it-on.com/member=Amy and then loads a registration form from CitySex.com and then redirects to JoinsFormPage.com. You get billed from VibeVideo.com.

1st Scam Email:

From: amynaughtylady@verified-emails.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“WHY NO PICTURE :(? I would first of all want to say it isn’t my typical behavior, I consider myself very shy, but you actually intrigued my curiosity and hopefully I will interest your’s..

Let’s get to know each other a little by email I went ahead and attached a image, I am a little frustrated that you didn’t send a photo!

When you respond please do not forget a photo of your self! I added mine so let me know if I am everything you are searching for!



2nd Email:

From: luciosamy23@verified-emails.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“You’re making me blush! This doesn’t have to be a onetime thing you know? If when we meet up we have the ability to please one another I think we might make it a routine thing how about you?

I am willing to meet any time! A few of the emails I received are absurd I am really glad you and I have struck it off so well now..

I have been quite hesitant to meet someone via online classifieds, but the fact I have already found somebody like you on my first attempt really changes my view about the whole online dating thing again! I singed up for a site a while-back and it really turned me off because the man I met from it lied about every thing and then wouldn’t leave me alone for days entire creep! I’d like you to get my telephone number from here: Click Here (http://protectedus.com redirects to Lets-get-it-on.com/member=Amy)

It’s a site to screen their members prior to meeting up with someone this is the best thing to do for both of us. I’d hate to hookup with a minor as well as worst a documented offender. You will find lot’s of commercials with information on how to protect yourself. Do you know what Dr. Phil says keep it clean and safe! I’d hate to wind up on a missing persons poster LOL!

I will have a bath… I will have my cell beside the bath I hope you pass the screening and phone me. It isn’t complicated I know you are able to do it for me. After they provide you my number you should not bother texting only call me straight and cum over here! And do not forget to bring condoms seriously!



Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $39.61 a month to VibeVideo.com

Owner Of ProtectedUs.com

  • Name: All info is hidden
  • Phone: 507.65995877
  • Address: Aptds. 0850-00056 Zona 15 Panama Panama
  • Email: 508ac9a8poo1xtsm@t02cduv4f7f99a255f64.privatewhois.net

Where To File Complaints

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