Scammer Sandra Bermudez : :

I went out Saturday evening and I came back to a bunch of new spam from CraigsList. Sandra Bermudez emailed and she wants to hook up and I can get her cell number on a site called It’s funny but I thought that Adults Gone Wild looked familiar so I looked back at some scam sites I exposed last week and bam I saw a few sites that look almost identical. The sites include, and . Those three sites are owned by Dean Lapato. If you do a Google search lots of people don’t like the guy. It seems like Dean is an all around dirt bag, besides spamming CraigsList. He also owns other domains that look the same as AdultsGoneWild, such as and

I’m not 100% certain he’s behind the scam but when I checked who owned, and, it was him.  So you can make your own judgement.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Sandra Bermudez
  • Email Addresses: (report this email for sending spam to
  • Scam Site:

Scam Email From Sandra Bermudez

Subject: you e mailed my craigs list post

“I am pleased you decided to message my listing I had on CL Thursday. I’d forsure prefer get to know you better. Perhaps we can meet for something to eat, and then simply findout where we go from there. I’m not trying to find a traditional relationship, simply a good time without all of the drama. On I have got my pix and also my cell phone number. Lets talk soon, I’d prefer to get together soon.

Sandra Bermudez’s emails are something you should delete right away. You chances are meeting her are zero since she is just a made up person. 99% of the ads on CraigsList are bullshit . If you want to meet real women, then check out these real dating sites. There is no point wasting time on something you know doesn’t work (CraigsList). Try honest dating sites and you have a much better chance at meeting local girls for fun.

Scammer Jennifer Smith : :

I already did a post on Jennifer Smith, now she is scamming guys through a new angle sending them to She wants you to register on so you can send her messages on instant messenger. The reason these fake girls send you to dating sites is that the scammer gets paid for each new member that he sends to JustHookUp. So they are making money from you by pretending to be a girl.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Jennifer Smith
  • Email Addresses:,
  • Scam site: then redirects through and then to

Scam Email From Jennifer Smith

Subject: Re: Re: Looking for a hot FUCK – w4m – 23

“heyy i was wondering if u still wanted to hook up?i got found this free site that doesn’t need any, make a screen name real quick and message me on the instant messenger…here  my screen name is “jennifsexy” , i have pics on my profile too once you make a free account you can view them/I will be online after one and half hours…it’s all because of my security reason,as,i don’t know you…i think u do understand.message me. ttys”

By The way this is the same exact email I got from Lisa Johnson, a few days go. Obviously the same person is behind all these spam emails.

The Owner Of

Name: Steve Gandee Sr.
Phone: (724) 728-0246
Address: 1507 Indiana Ave Monaca, PA 15061

Tell Steve how you feel about receiving spam emails from his site.

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Scammer Kristen Hobbs : :

Kristen Hobbs has pics to show me but I need to sign up on to see them. Smells like a scam? Bingo there it is! Don’t waste time with, stick with real dating sites that have real women on them, won’t get you laid.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Kristen Hobbs
  • Email Addresses:
  • Scam site: then redirects to

Scam Email From Kristen Hobbs

Subject: RE: just want a bootycall – w4m – 24

“I’m pleased you where interested in my listing on craig’s list. I am forsure not trying to get hitched, but having said that a girl has her needs.

I didn’t include a pic on my listing, didn’t want anybody to see me, there for I have a picture at I also have my cellphone number there if you wanna send me a text. I guess if you’re attracted to me I will be talking to you soon. Kristen”

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Scammer Stacey Card : :

Stacey Card needs me to sign up on so I can see her photos and get her cell phone number to call her. Wouldn’t it be easier if she just put it in the email? But then she cant scam me. It’s the same scam over and over but different sites are used, different emails are created and the names are changed but the story is basically the same.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Stacey Card
  • Email Addresses:
  • Scam site: then redirects to

Scam Email From Stacey Card

Subject: RE: i am gonna search you using my mouth – w4m – 21

“I wasnt sure if any one would respond to my posting, happy ya enjoyed it. Like I was saying in my post I’m certainly not trying to get into something with commitments, still there are some desires only a guy can satisfy. I did not any one who knows me to see me so I did not put a picture in my posting, however I do have a photo at text me if you want to, my number is on there to. Well I suppose I’ll hear from you if you are interested. Stacey”

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Scammer Jenny : :

It looks like scammer who goes by the name of Jenny doesn’t need me to verify who I am anymore. In previous emails from Jenny she sent me I was told to visit a dating verification site. Her tune has changed and now in the latest email I can check out her profile and contact her for free, no verification or credit cards needed, lol. It’s interesting to see the emails change over time as they try to scam people in other ways. All I need to do is register on SCAM!

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Jenny
  • Email Addresses:
  • Scam site:, that redirects, and finally to

Scam Email From Jenny

Subject: Re: Romance is in the air !! – w4m

“Hey there

I did not hear back from you and I think I know why. I was using a site that was a bit complicated to make sure you were not a creep or something.

Well I don’t want this to be complicated I just want a little nsa fun.

I made a profile (Jenny_27) and you can sign up absolutely free and it takes 20-30 seconds. Its free no credit cards or anything like that.

My profile has my phone #. I figured we could talk on the phone first and if your not creepy lol then we can meet up

Sound good? Thanks and talk to you soon.

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