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Vanessa Is Sending Spam On CraigsList From NoCommitments.net

I have gotten emails from tons of websites that look identical to NoCommitments.net. This is another spam dating site that is trying to collect emails and they will send you even more spam in the future, so do not sign up to NoCommitments.net.  99% of the ads on CraigsList are fake, just like the one that you answered.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Vanessa Lavigne
  • Email Addresses: VanessaizLavigne@yahoo.com (report this email for sending spam to Yahoo.com)
  • Scam Site: http://listings.nocommitments.net/member98472681.php (Contact 1and1.com to report spam)

Scam Email From Heather Fitzgerald

From: VanessaizLavigne@yahoo.com
Subject: you emailed my clist listing
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“I am pleased you decided to e-mail my post I placed on craig list Monday. I’d forsure want to get to know you better. Perhaps we can go out for something to eat, and then just see what happens from there. I’m not really trying to find a traditional relationship, simply a good time without all of the drama.

On http://listings.nocommitments.net/member98472681.php I have my pix and also my cell phone number. Lets talk soon, I’d want to to meet soon.


Owner of NoCommitments.net

  • Name: Lee Palmer
  • Address: 399 W 8th Ave Odessa, Wa 99159 USA
  • Email: LeePalmer96@Yahoo.com
  • Phone: 509-337-4113

Complain To The Domain Name Registrar

Contact 1and1.com to report that you have been receiving spam and get the site shutdown.

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