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MegaBbw.com Spam Being Sent From bagend.TRICITIES-HOTEL.COM

bagend.TRICITIES-HOTEL.COM is a junk domain used specifically to redirect people to MegaBbw.com. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Names: Kerry Skye
  • Email Addresses: kerry2@thesafeonlinedate.com, kerry3@thesafeonlinedate.com
  • Scam sites: bagend.TRICITIES-HOTEL.COM redirects to MegaBbw.com.

1st Scam Email:

From: 572E2A6A76B442919EE8D97BCCBB1954@bagend.TRICITIES-HOTEL.COM
To: myemailaddress@ymail.com

“Horny BBWs are Sharing Naked Pictures on Our Site!

These thick, curvy sluts are looking for casual sex and discreet affairs. You may recognize them from places like work, the market, or the gym. These women might even be your neighbors!

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(http://www.bagend.TRICITIES-HOTEL.COM/572E2A6A76B442919EE8D97BCCBB1954y661z redirects to http://www.megabbw.com/)

To unsubscribe, please visit: http://www.bagend.TRICITIES-HOTEL.COM/572E2A6A76B442919EE8D97BCCBB1954y662z

or send mail to:
Dositheou, 42 Strovolos, P.C. 2028, Nicosia, Cyprus
Follow the link below and enter your email address to discontinue http://www.bagend.TRICITIES-HOTEL.COM/unsub.cgi?a=572E2A6A76B442919EE8D97BCCBB1954″


  • Name: safe meet
  • Address: 102 HARTMAN DR STE G LEBANON TN 37087 US
  • Phone 1.4234360919

Where To File Complaints

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