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Meet-Secure.com Is Scamming CraigsList Users, So Watch Out

Nicki Harth sent me a bunch of spam with links directing me to Meet-Secure.com, which this spammer calls a “free identity verification site”. In reality this free site is nothing more than a front to bill your credit card with 3 different porn sites. Once you submit your personal info in the online registration form on Meet-Secure.com, then it’s too late. Don’t believe anything you read in the emails you have received by Nicki Harth, it’s all lies so they can rip you off. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Nicki Harth
  • Email Addresses: nickiharth@txtfly.net
  • Scam Site: nicki86.Meet-Secure.com redirects to SafeAndSingle.com/nicki86// and loads a fake registration form from http://ads.camcity.com. You get billed from CitySex.com, NaughtyCuteTeens.com and XXXVault.com.

1st Scam Email

From: nickiharth@txtfly.net
Subject: Re: Today evening? night awesome hard sex fun for nsa! – w4m – 27
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“hey..so my ad pretty much sums it up, i’m not looking for anything serious..just someone to hook up with. i like to use the internet because i really dont have time to meet anyone and I prefer to be discreet.. my friends don’t really know but I am kind of a sex fiene and they would lose respect for me if they knew.

i am 100% real and looking to meet with the right guy, I am horny as fuck all the time and I need an outlet, so I hope you are real and serious too.. My fav positions are doggy style and riding your cock on top..and I absolutely love a man who knows how to eat me out, you do give oral right? Don’t worry I love sucking cock, gagging and getting hot cum all over me..but I don’t swallow…eww.

i will not go to your place and i will not bring you to mine. i want this to be discrete – just sex..hotel? I just want to get away from all the drama and every day stuff, ya know? No personal info..just my name and if you dont want to tell me anything thats fine too..

heres a photo of me.. i hope you like it so we can do this, i am looking forward to it. I didnt get a pic from you in your email..do you have one you can send too?

Oh..and i am 100% disease free and clean, you must be too i want this to be safe for both of us!



2nd Email

From: nickiharth@txtfly.net
Subject: Re: Today evening? night awesome hard sex fun for nsa! – w4m – 27
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“hey again..ive been waiting for your response lol! wow, i guess you liked the photos hey? I think im sexy..but im glad you do too. I have tried to find someone to have fun with..its not like I want anything serious, just GOOD safe sex..that’s all Im asking for.

before we meet i need you to verify who you are so I can come out of this little adventure alive, i created a profile at a free identity verification site (http://nicki86.meet-secure.com redirects to http://safeandsingle.com/nicki86//)

it wont verify you if you are under 18 or if you are in the sex offender database..so dont be some stalker lol! kidding..anyways, yes it costs a dollar but once you verify you will get my number (not my real one but it goes to my cell) and ill be waiting for your call. HURRY..I am waiting for you and we can do this tonight even..seriously. If not we can set something else up soon.

and in case your wondering..NO i am not an escort lol..you dont have to pay me for sex when we meet up..juust fuck me hard and you’ll make my day. I’ll do my best to make your day too..only fair right?

here’s another pic for you..so you can see what you’re getting into..you have any more?

Nicki 😉 xoxo”


3rd Email

From: nickiharth@txtfly.net
Subject: Re: Today evening? night awesome hard sex fun for nsa! – w4m – 27
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“hey! i want what i want and i want it now! im so hyper right now lol..too much coffee today. Really I just want a good time, with a good safe & clean man. I am real and ready ets do this, you ready? I dont have time for a bunch of bullshit, so dont piss me off lol. I just love the thought of being submissive to a strong sweaty man..I love how confident and strong men can be..can you make my quiver with excitement? Keep me satisfied and we can make this a regular, discreet thing! Hopefully you can make me scream…it’s been waaay to long. fuck!

Those things will never be answered if you aren’t SAFE to have sex with though..so please just verify yourself first and I can live to do this another day lol..I know, I sound paranoid but you would too if you were a good looking girl..wish you could see how creepy guys can be just going to walmart or something, its seriously scary sometimes the looks I get!

Id just like to meet up, maybe at a hotel or public place, something like that and have some fun..do this as my “night” life ya know? Im tired of the bars & clubs..just get totally wasted guys who can’t even get it up at the end of the night. Im way too bored and horny I need to find something to do with myself..hopefully you can take care of that for me.

ive done this before and ive always made the people verify before we meet..I only have a few invites each month though so hopefully you do it soon and dont waste it! The site is (http://nicki86.meet-secure.com redirects to http://safeandsingle.com/nicki86//) in case you forgot..so let me know when you are done or just give me a call.

p.s cant wait to meet you, that link is my invite link the service gave me..the verification is only a dollar this way using that invite.

see ya! Nicki”


Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $29.95 a month to CitySex.com
  2. $39.62 a month to NaughtyCuteTeens.com
  3. $44.71 a month to XXXVault.com

Owner Of Meet-Secure.com

  • Name: Alan Jefferson
  • Address: 1849 welmont drive  vancouver, British Columbia v3h 2f7 Canada
  • Phone 1-800-333-8282
  • Email: mikeymikeymikey@hotmail.com

Where To File Complaints

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