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Martin-Silver.us Tricks Women Into Visiting MillionaireDates.com

It looks like the spammers have turned the tables and are now trying to spam women. In this case “Martin Silver” (not the spammer’s real name) “Just got out of a very long and verbally abusive marriage. I’m now looking to have some fun and live my life the right way.” Of course the whole thing is all lies and a  trick to get women to click on the link www.Martin-Silver.us which redirects to MillionaireDates.com. Girl like guys with money so this little scam will probably trick a few of the ladies. But for those of you who read this, now you know it’s all B.S. There is no millionaire named “Martin Silver” looking for an “attractive, smart and ambitious woman”, it’s all a scam. If you are interested in meeting real men then take a peek at these real dating sites. Read the full spam report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Martin Silver
  • Email Addresses: martin_silver@martin-silver.us
  • Scam Site: Martin-Silver.us redirects to XPersonals.com

1st Scam Email

From: martin_silver@martin-silver.us
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Martin Silver sent you a FRIEND REQUEST on Millionaire Dates

Just got out of a very long and verbally abusive marriage.

I’m now looking to have some fun and live my life the right way.

I’m a commercial real estate investor that requires I travel throughout the US.

My hobbies include, boating, traveling, martial arts, cooking and reading, to name a few.

Looking for an attractive, smart and ambitious woman to keep me company and allow me to spend my riches on her.

Would be very supportive in contributing towards the achievement of your own goals, whatever they may be.

I will treat you with respect and show you a good time no matter where we are or what we do…

(http://www.Martin-Silver.us/ redirects to http://www.MillionaireDates.com/)

Martin Silver

Owner Of Martin-Silver.us


  • Name: David Getty
  • Phone: 1.3138055262
  • Address: 6 Conway str Phoenix Registrant  CA 99641 United States
  • Email: gwzpi@gmail.com

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