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LocalChristianDates.com Spam Is Redirecting To MeetLocals.com

LocalChristianDates.com is a pretty funny name for a dating site that redirects to MeetLocals.com, which is an adult dating site with nudity on it lol.  Other previous scams from the same spammer include MyOldProfile.com, MeetLocalsOnly.com and RainyDayDates.com. If you’re looking for a Christian girl you won’t find it on LocalChristianDates.com. Do yourself a favor and delete these silly emails, they are useless spam and nothing else. All the emails are fake and the nude women in the photos you received are stolen from porno sites. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Sugar Tits
  • Email Addresses: ylStrhuanukdTonya@hotmail.com (Report Spam To HotMail)
  • Web Sites: LocalChristianDates.com redirecting to MeetLocals.com.

1st Scam Email

From: ylStrhuanukdTonya@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Date Me? – w4m – 20
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“u sound nice, tho really I’m not sure what I’m searching for in my ad
are u wanting for only a quick meeting or wanting for someone u will see some more than only one time? here are a few pics of me, tell me how u feel. Anyway is right, I only like to know what ur goals are i suppose

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile”




2nd Email

From: ylStrhuanukdTonya@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: 1 in a million – w4m – 19
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“yeah well you really just should have been nice and went for me  I just got this new app on my
BlackBerry that makes it a lot easier for me to see pics on it.
It makes it faster for me to see pics thar way.
I wonder if maybe im just stupid and set up my phone account wrong but it does not pull up pix right in mail msgs
ive been sweet to you and i am very interested in you and me meeting so please just give me a hand. im not telling you to get anything just to make a profile ware I can actually see it lol
And its free for gods sakes. LocalChristianDates.com takes you to it.

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile”


Owner Of LocalChristianDates.com

Name: All info is hidden
Phone: 1-877-206-4254
Address:  701 Lee Road, Suite 300 19087 PA Chesterbrook
Email: proxy2839353@1and1-private-registration.com

Where To File Complaints

  1. Domain Registrar: Contact abuse@1and1.com or call them at 1-877-206-4253
  2. Hosting company: Contact abuse@1and1.com or call them at 1-877-206-4253.
  3. Report it to us: Send us the emails & photos you got from a scammer and we will post it on our site.

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