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Localandlucky.com Spam Being Sent From Worldturnion.com

Worldturnion.com is being used to redirect me to Localandlucky.com, then to Localsextoday.com and finally to Socialgator.com. This has been getting spammed to me for about a week now and I’m tired of it! These dirty spammers never ever stop. Read below to see the scam report.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name:
  • Email Addresses: promo2@ncl36.worldturnion.com
  • Scam sites: Worldturnion.com redirects to Localsextoday.com and Localandlucky.com and then to Socialgator.com .

1st Email:

From: promo2@ncl36.worldturnion.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“We got some incredible news!!!

I learned of this site from here: (http://m.worldturnion.com/ck/570cfc1043541 redirects to http://www.localsextoday.com/, and then to http://www.localandlucky.com/desk/mature/f13/?s=) that gives you an access pass to get into the site.

These girls seem super friendly and kind of hot. At first I thought they have mistaken my profile for someone else but they really were just looking for someone local that popped up to hookup with. I already have a couple of girls I’m talking to and I did not have to do anything.

It’s so easy to go in – simply click here: http://m.worldturnion.com/ck/570cfc1043541. You do not have to fill out a crazy profile or think of anything creative. The girls will just come and want to check you out. It’s so crazy that I’m going back right now.

If you feel like you dont want to be contacted by us in the future, please click the link below:

or contact us at:
CMS Managment

222 Purchase St Suite 110

Rye, NY 10580″

Owner Of Worldturnion.com

  • Name: Admin Support
  • Phone: 1 4252740657
  • Address: PO Box 639, Kirkland, WA, 98083, USA
  • Email: worldturnion.com@protecteddomainservices.com

Where To File Complaints

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