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JustNsaHookUp.com Is Spam That Redirects CraigsList Users To JustHookUp.com

JustNsaHookUp.com is another one of those spammy sites that redirects CraigsList users to JustHookUp.com. If you receive emails from “Keira Lindell”, now you know it’s just spam that you should avoid. By the way “Keira Lindell” isn’t even a real person, she is fake. The photos used in the spam emails are stolen from online porn sites then emailed to victims to try and trick them into signing up on JustHookUp.com. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Keira Lindell
  • Email Addresses: Keiralindell@afc.com, Keiralindell@gmail.com
  • Scam Site: JustNsaHookUp.com redirects to JustHookUp.com.

1st Scam Email

From: Keiralindell@afc.com, Keiralindell@gmail.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Wow it feels like I really got a real response to my ad hows it going there? Last time I made use of this, I got only six fake responsesback and that was all….

“To prove I’m real first off.. you r and i wrote ur name on the paper you can see in my new picz : ). u like that?

anyways im available to meet up tonight with you just as long as you can prove to me that you are not gonna do anything crazy. You just need to head along to this site (http://justnsahookup.com/lindel/ redirects to http://www.justhookup.com/?tid=3400) where I am a member (Lindell_5N), do the free safety verification if you like me, do not worry you will get a free membership once you are verified and you can contact me through the site.
Sorry if this feels like I am making you jump through hoops to make
this happen however this site can make me feel much safer than craigslist. because it is well moderated and any real weirdo’s will be instantly “outed” there. So many serial killers and stuff take advantage of girls like me,
particularly in places like craigslist. I am sorry to be so morbid but
its true. I hope you understand.

Sent from my iPad”


Owner Of JustNsaHookUp.com

  • Name: hidden
  • Address: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States
  • Phone (480) 624-2599
  • Email: JUSTNSAHOOKUP.COM@domainsbyproxy.com

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