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Hushdate.net Being Used To Scam Craigslist Users Looking For Dates

Hushdate.net is being used for illegal reasons, specifically to scam people via their fake verification site that focuses on ripping off male Craigslist users seeking women to hook up with. The email sent to me was all fake and had a link that went to (http://hushdate.net/member_kim77/). The crooks want your credit card info so they can charge your credit card to 3 sites that are listed below. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Kim
  • Email Addresses: kimmy@rizando.com
  • Scam sites:  Hushdate.net. A form is loaded from Drtyhkpdtn.com. You get billed from (Wine And Dating) WineAndDating.com, (Dirty Hookup Dating) DirtyHookupDating.com and (Old Fashion Romance) OldFashionRomance.com. A tracking script is loaded from TrackedClicks.com.

1st Scam Email:

From: kimmy@rizando.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Well it sure feels good to hear back from you again i guess you aren’t just a keyboard warrior lol 🙂 Lots of guys on craigslist are nothing but
talk it seems….they probably all live at home with their parents lol. I guess you really are serious hey?

so when you wanna meet up? I have no plans we can do this whenever you want even right now cause Im just watching episodes of that
show breaking bad….love this show its so crazy I’m in season 5 right now things are getting intense.

Anyways I have to tell you at first I really was kinda worried about posting on craigslist cause I had a scary experience a year ago meeting
someone from personals (I had to call for help he was crazy) so just to be on the safe side I’d like you to do a quick verify on this page:

They protect members and keep out offenders and people with felonies….it does cost a dollar but thats it for the verification and as long as
you’re not in their database you’re getting my number and calling me now. Have you seen this before? Its been featured on the news many
times. 🙂 I just need you to do this for my peace of mind the first time considering the kinds of guys who might be on craigslist….I learned
that the hard way.

I’m gonna wait for you to call or text… you’ll have to use the link above to get it – thats all I need to know you can be trusted. I really hope
you aren’t just talk and follow through cause I’ve been excited about trying out a friend with benefits. Just keep it real with me and don’t get
clingy k. Let’s do this now I want to meet now.



Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $39.99 a month to WineAndDating.com
  2. $39.99 a month to DirtyHookupDating.com
  3. $39.99 a month to OldFashionRomance.com

Owner Of LovelyDaters.com

  • Address: 4569 DOVERS CT AKRON OH 44301 USA
  • Phone +1.458569 Phone Ext: 2659

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