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HotFastEasyDates.com Redirects To FreeLifeTimeHookUp.com

“Claire” (not the scammer’s real name) wants me to “hit her up at” HotFastEasyDates.com (which redirects to FreeLifeTimeHookUp.com). But there is a tiny problem, Claire is not a real girl. It’s actually all a con to get you to click on the link in the email so you go to FreeLifeTimeHookUp.com. Now you know it’s a scam, so you can delete the email and forget all about “HotFastEasyDates.com”. Read the full scam report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Claire
  • Email Address: ClaireT@hotfasteasydates.com
  • Scam Sites: HotFastEasyDates.com Redirects To FreeLifeTimeHookUp.com

1st Scam Email

From: ClaireT@hotfasteasydates.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hi 🙂

Wondering what you were up to this weekend. Saw your profile and thought maybe we could get a drink.

If you are interested hit me up at:

(http://www.hotfasteasydates.com/?ur=thespazz&user=Claire36C  redirects to http://wwwFreeLifeTimeHookUp.com/)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love Claire.”

Owner Of HotFastEasyDates.com

  • Name: All info is hidden
  • Phone: 205 588 5340
  • Address: Estafeta General 1658 David, Chiriqui 0000 Panama
  • Email: support@ptyhostingtech.com

Where To File Complaints

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One Comment

  1. CL scam stopper September 13, 2015 1:25 pm Reply

DON’T USE freelifetimehookup.com
    “Bunny” bunny2320@fastkisses.com
    so this is nuts I’m actually responding again lmao given that so many guys on
craigslist are all talk so I typically won’t bother unless I feel that you are
    I hope you are not one of those guys that stays at home with your mom only hoping to
talk here forever lol because I’m seriously liking this whole thing and I don’t
think I want it to end here. So when do you wish to get together? I dont have any
plans. We can do this whenever you like maybe even in the next few hours because I
am just relaxing watching Mad Men.. Just recently began checking it out on Netflix
after hearing people talk about it.
    Anyways, still sorta skeptical and a bit worried about going on craiglist again
because I had an awful experience about Five months ago meeting a man from online (I
had to cry for help he was crazy) so just to be safe I’d want you to verify yourself
on this website http://ninecheck.com/match/bunnyz96/
    They protect members and keep out sexual offenders… it does cost $1 but that’s it
for the background check and it only takes thirty seconds. As long as you’re not in
their database you’re getting my number instantly hun.
    I need you to do this for my assurance for our first encounter taking into
consideration the kinds of people who may very well be on craigslist….I discovered
that the hard way, trust me.
    I really hope you aren’t just talk and come through because I’ve been excited about
trying out a friend with benefits. Just keep it real with me and i will keep it real
with you ok?
    I’m going to wait for you to call me up… you will have to use the link above so
you can get my number
Whenever you call I know you are for real and most importantly I’m certain you’re
safe. speak with you soon babe!
    Lots of Love


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