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Getting Spammed By 9nl.com

This weekend I got a bunch of spam emails from 9nl.com that redirect to numerous dating sites, emailed to me by “Rina” and “Natasha”. The emails pretend to be coming from women who want to hook up  for sexual encounters but in reality it’s just not true.  All that is really happening is that the spammers behind the emails want to trick you into signing up on AsianBeauties.com and Russian-Brides.info. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Rina T , Natasha K
  • Email Addresses: rina.t@52administration.com, reply@52administration.com, natasha.k1@52administration.com, reply@52administration.com, felecia.j@52administration.com, angela.ng@52administration.com, linda.l@52administration.com
  • Scam Sites: 9nl.com

1st Scam Email

From: rina.t@52administration.com, reply@52administration.com
Subject: Curious about your craigslst ad
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hi There,

Yea!!! Its Saturday!

My name is Rina Tang and I just saw your posting

in craiglistand curious if you are up for meeting?

This is something new for me so I

If you like, you can msg me and maybe we can chat.

Here’s my link to my profile page

===>>>  Go to my profile page (http://9nl.com/asianbunny85/ redirects to http://www.asianbeauties.com/)

Look me up under Rina Tang or under my user id asianbunny85.

You may have to sign up for freee account if you can’t see my profile|about me|info}

and my pics.

Hope to hear from you.

Rina Tang”

2nd Email

From: natasha.k1@52administration.com, reply@52administration.com
Subject: I saw your posting in craigslist today
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

Natasha again,
wondering if you got my email the other day.

But I have not
heard from you so I think I give it one more time to see if you are

interested in meeting. If you are interest,
please go to my profile and

leave me a messge and
I will call.

Click here to go to my profile page (http://9nl.com/russianhottie85/ redirects to http://www.russianbrides.info/?afid=16702&subafid=826283_1052)


Please go and see my profile and see my
pics if any.

really hope to hear from you soon.

Let me know asap since its


3rd Email

From: rina.t@52administration.com, reply@52administration.com
Subject: Sent an email the other day about your ad
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hi baby,

Just trying one more attempt to follow up

to see if you are interested in hooking up.

So here’s my info again to reach me.

Heres the link : Click here to go to my profile page (http://9nl.com/janets-page/ redirects to http://www.getflirting.com/?tid=2693113012)

Again, its no charge for joining.  You can even look at other girls if you like.

Look for my screenid when you are in. ID is pinklips88

It’s the weekend after today, so let me know!

Hope to hear from ya


4th Email

From: felecia.j@52administration.com
Subject: Sent an email the other day about your ad
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hello there,

I just took a look at your posting in craiglist and I am very new to meeting guys on craigslst!

In fact you may be my 3rd.  Hoping you will be just as fun 😉

Wondering if you are freee to meet tomorrow night

Well if you are perhap you can leave me a msg at my profile.

-=> Go To My Profile Page And Leave A Msg  (http://9nl.com/Felicia-Profile/)<=~

When you login, look me up.

My screen name is sweetluv86, (yes, I am the one in the blue bikini).

You will see my info and if you wanna hook up after checkin my profile and pics,PM me.

Please dont send me any rude pics of your john please.  There will be time for show and tell.

See ya,

~ Felicia 🙂

PS. Don’t leave me waiting too long …;p”

5th Email

From: xij3dcv@pers-craigs.net
Subject: Sent an email the other day about your ad
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Dear personal Section user,

With all the scams in our personal/ dating sections these days it’s hard to find partner.

We also recommended that please find your partner to our official dating Partner site By Clicking Here (http://marketgaint.info/cpap18 redirects to iHookUp.com)

It’s not a paid service. Enjoy unlimited without any scam.

Thank you

Craigslist team”

6th Email

From: xij3dcv@pers-craigs.net
Subject: Sent an email the other day about your ad
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Stop Hoping…

Stop Guessing She Ok Looking…

And Cut The Small Talk out…

Find out why we are the #1 Casual Dating Site on the Planet!

==> Click Here And Play Responsible (http://9nl.com/morefun/ redirects to http://tour.ihookup.com)

Review Profiles, Pics, Chat With Girls Online Now

Best Part We DO NOT Charge To Join..

==> Click Here To Meet Someone now

*Have Fun and Make The Best Of Tonight!

Happy Holidays!”

7th Email

From: angela.ng@52administration.com, angela.ng@52administration.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hi there

Saw your ad in craigslist so I am wondering since is Friday….

if you really Hook.up this week?

Maybe grab a few drinks and see where thing goes from there.

if you wanna meet, just PM on my profile page.

Here is the link  ==>>>  Click here to see my profile (http://9nl.com/asianbunny87/ redirects to http://www.asianbeauties.com/)

Search my ID: asianhoney87

But you gotta let me know soon since it late in the day.  So please hurry and leave me a message now:)

talk to you soon


FYI- I am open to new things as long its not too kenky :)”

Owner Of 9nl.com

  • Name: All info is hidden
  • Address: Via Zanchi 22 Bergamo 24126 Italy
  • Phone 39 035 3230400
  • Email: z12lhhatjy6a653a@registerprivateregistration.com

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