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Don’t Put Your Credit Card Info On Myneodate.com/christina93

“Christina” (not the scammer’s real name) sent me some very revealing photos that i have blacked out (see below). With photos like this sent to you, then you would think you are probably going to get lucky with this girl. The problem is that “Christina” is a made up person created by online scammer’s to deceive you into entering your credit card info in the registration form on Myneodate.com/christina93. Once your cc info has been submitted, then they start charging your credit card with porn site charges. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Christina
  • Email Addresses: christina67564@gmail.com (Report Spam To GMail)
  • Scam sites: MyNeoDate.com loads a registration form from http://sexxymatch.com. You get billed from RaunchySex.com, BasicHardcore.com and WhoresWorld.com.

Scam Email:

From: christina67564@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Wanna try with Me? – w4m – 23
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com


Thank you for the reply on my ad. I’m serious about meeting with someone. I definitely don’t like to be in a relationship at this moment. I’m just looking for some nsa fun. I m pretty open minded and a little horny
too. I just need a man who is hot & sexy and exciting to be around, who also knows how to play with a girl and make her satisfied. If that feels ok to you write back and we can try and hook up when i know you
are as dependable and serious as i am. Waiting for your reply.

Sent From My iPad”

Email #2:

From: christina67564@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Wanna try with Me? – w4m – 23
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com


I am looking for some one to have some fun with. Nothing serious just some good clean fun between consenting adults. I am open to anything and anyone. Doesn”t mean that i will meet anyone. It more about an attitude and a sense of adventure. So if your still interested get in touch with me and verify yourself.

Here is the link, http://myneodate.com/christina93/

I also attached some photos of me. Please check. Have a great day !”

Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $39.96 a month to RaunchySex.com
  2. $49.81 a month to BasicHardcore.com
  3. $39.94 a month to WhoresWorld.com

Owner Of MyNeoDate.com

  • Name: All info is hidden
  • Address: All info is hidden
  • Phone All info is hidden
  • Email: All info is hidden

Where To File Complaints

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