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CraigSecureOnline.com Is Not Part Of CraigsList, It’s A Scam

CraigSecureOnline.com, what’s so secure about it? If girls like “Susan” send you emails telling you to visit the site, then run in the other direction. Sites that claim to be  CraigsList verification services are completely fake. These scammers use email messages and send them to 1000s of men all day long to try and trick a few suckers into entering their credit card info on CraigSecureOnline.com and then they are screwed. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Names: Susan
  • Email Addresses: susannovak0@gmail.com
  • Scam sites: CraigSecureOnline.com redirects to /signup/signup.php. You get billed from .

1st Scam Email:

From: susannovak0@gmail.com
Subject: Re: your dom
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey there.
Thanks for your reply, I want to tell you a little about myself, My name is Susan, I am a GENUINE european girl, half czechs-half german. I am really open minded and consider myself attractive..
I have attached a pic, I hope you like it .. I drink occasionally, I don’t smoke..trying to keep fit. When it comes to “these” things I am allways up for enjoyable and trying new things. I am not a slut and I rarely go on craigslist, I’m just searching for some long-term no strings attached, I wanna hear some more about you and pics.
Let me know if your still interested


2nd Email:

From: susannovak0@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: your dom
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey there,
First things first, I would like to keep this discreet and Im looking for some thing thats longterm. My ex boyfriend is a complete psycho ever since we broke up, Lol. 2.5 year relationship. I cannot remember if I told you yet or not, but I have a child whos 18 months old. She will always be asleep by the time you come. This will be my first time meeting some one from online, so Im not totally sure about it. I dont have any messengers as Im not on the comp much. I was thinking we could stay in contact from a free dating site, my profile is at http://www.craigsecureonline.com/member/902832.php
I have my cell number on my profile, my profile is Susan, so send me a txt or call me and we can get together tonight or tomorrow. Im logging off the comp now, see you soon :).
I am using craigslist for fun. I attached a special photo for you to show that I am 100% real haha

Waiting for your text/call.

Credit Card Charges You Get Billed

  1. $38.68 a month to

Owner Of CraigSecureOnline.com

  • Name: hidden
  • Address: Aptds. 0850-00056   Zona 15 Panama, Panama
  • Phone 507.65995877
  • Email: hidden

Where To File Complaints

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