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CL Scammer : Whitney@whitneyxoxoxo.com Sending People To Whitneyxoxoxo.com

So far this is the third scam related to this new type of scam using domain names for just one girl. I have exposed “Candi”, using the domain Candixoxoxo.com, Lauren using the web site Laurenxoxoxo.com and now there is Whitneyxoxoxo.com. All sites send people to the same destination which is Xpress.com/dating/dating_post. Be advised that all these girls are not real. Whitneyxoxoxo is a sham web site to trick men into thinking they are actually going to meet “Whitney” in person. “Whitney” doesn’t exist and all the images of Whitney found on Whitneyxoxoxo.com are probably stolen from an amateur porn site. Any time you deal with girls on CraigsList they be extra alert because 99% of the time you are dealing with a potential scam. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Whitney
  • Email Addresses: Whitney@whitneyxoxoxo.com
  • Scam sites: http://Whitneyxoxoxo.com/ and then sends people to http://xpress.com/dating/freesexandadultfriends/75899/Candi/%20

Scam Email:

From: Whitney@whitneyxoxoxo.com
Subject:Go ahead check it out  – w4m – 21 (Denver )
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hey! Its Whitney, sorry  I  misplaced  your  email.  I offer discounts if u “DO” me
right  ! As of now I am available so I can meetu now if u want . heres
how  i  work…  If you would like to book a date with me cum visit my
profile www.whitneyxoxoxo.com , after u login u get my phone #,, call me.Its my cell number so im always going to answer. makes sure you are at least 18, and are safe bc I don’t want to get hurt. once you verify give me a call…. Guess its only fair to say, i’m a bit of a free spirit who likes to have my own…”

Owner Of Whitneyxoxoxo.com

  • Name: Timmy Barnhill
  • Address: 2421 TideWater Dr Slidell, Louisiana 70458
  • Phone (985) 218-1155
  • Email: timmy2003@gmail.com

Where To File Complaints

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