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Bit.ly Being Used To Spam LocalCasuals.net

I have been getting spammed from LocalCasuals.net since I started exposing dating scams on CraigsList. Spammers used to use Tumbler to disguise their spammy efforts but now they are using Bit.ly, which is a link shortening and website redirection service. In particular the people behind the spamming of LocalCasuals.net use Bit.ly all the time to spam people over and over. If you see Bit.ly links in emails from CraigsList it will be some type of scam or spam. Read the full report.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Katie Mcquinn , Kristen Hammitt , Jodi Natividad , Kelly , Jenna , Jodi
  • Email Addresses: katiemcquinnwh@yahoo.com , kristenhammittadh@yahoo.com , jennasylvereck@yahoo.com , jodixtbnatividad@yahoo.com , kellybfaharn@yahoo.com (report this email for sending spam to Yahoo.com)
  • Scam Site: Bit.ly redirects to LocalCasuals.net

Email #1

From: katiemcquinnwh@yahoo.com
Subject: ya were interested in my posting on craigs list
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hi thier, I am still interested in some one to hookup with, are you? I would want to meet and discovering if we’ve got any chemistry. How about we get together for a bite to eat some time soon? Since my listing at craig list didnt have a pic I placed one here (http://bitly.com/Rc9pSq redirects to http://ingressfreighter.org/otklvjmtr_pccpuao
, and then to LocalCasuals.net)  On their with my pic is also contact number, well shall we take this to the next level.

Owner of LocalCasuals.net

  • Dean Lapato (DeanDLapato@gmail.com)
  • phone: 480-213-4125
  • Fax: +1.5555555555
  • 1714 Walnut Street
  • Philadelphia, State 19103

Where To File Complaints

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